Pants Fashion: Hottest Pants Fashion Trends of 2021

Hottest Pants Fashion Trends of 2021

It’s getting a little nippy outside, and those sundresses, shorts, and even maxi skirts just aren’t given you the warmth and comfort you need anymore. But are you looking in your closet and just feeling… uninspired?

You probably aren’t looking at the latest pants fashion for inspiration. We’ve rounded up the trends seen on the runway for the Fall 2021 season and translated them into a simple-to-follow guide of the most stylish pants this year.

Keep reading to find out more and create your perfect pants shopping list.

Wool Tweed Pants

Fall fashion always makes us think of Annie Hall or When Harry Met Sally, and all those menswear, English teacher chic outfits. Pair a sturdy pair of wool tweed pants with a loose blouse or sweater for the ultimate mix of sophistication and laid-back attitude.

The menswear-inspired cut of the pants will make you feel powerful, while the wool fabric will keep you oh so cozy as the weather gets colder. Wool is one of the only fabrics that keep you warm even when it’s wet. So if you live in a place with humid autumns, this is a great pants option for you.

Flares and Bell Bottoms

Summer saw plenty of 70s inspired fashion statements. From groovy patterns to big hair, it felt like we were all taking a trip back to the days of Disco. Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you have to abandon that style.

Bring the 70s to the cooler weather with stylish bell bottoms and flared trending pants. This flattering shape highlights the curve of your bottom while giving off a power statement with its volume below. Try denim flares or even a suit textile to bring your grooviness to the professional office space.

Printed Loungewear

The pandemic continues to see a lot of people working from home, which means that the craze for loungewear and athleisure just continues to grow as one of the biggest fashion trends. Trade-in your 2020 matching sweatsuits for bottoms that command more attention. Intricate prints with bohemian inspiration are all the rage right now. 

Try a pair of printed leggings from Evolve. They can be dressed up or down. You can pattern mix or allow them to take center stage as the focal point of the outfit. The options are endless.

Saturated Colors

The runway designers have spoken, and this year the fall is all about saturated colors. Say goodbye to muted, dark tones of past autumns, and hello to emerald greens, royal blues, and super fun Fuschia. You’ll even find pants this season in daring colors.

How should you follow this hottest fashion? We recommend creating a monochromatic look. Make a statement with your bold color that says you know exactly what you’re doing by putting that color on all over. We particularly love a bold-colored pantsuit.

Cable Knits

Is coziness your thing? We bet that you love a good cable knit sweater, but how can you bring that coziness to your whole look?

The good news is that designers are this year releasing cable knit pants too. If you like the loungewear trend, but want something a little more sophisticated and less athletic, this is a great option for you. Work from home while wearing one of the most trending pants.

Knit pants aren’t an entirely new phenomenon. Just think of the knit shorts that were so popular in 30s beachwear or elegant yet sporty ballet warmup pants. In fact, if you’re looking for styling tips for this tricky trend, we recommend looking to ballerinas and modern dancers for inspiration.

They’ve always known how to stay warm and look beautiful. Pair it with a simple camisole and wrap sweater for a dance-inspired look.

Tailored Suit Pants

More menswear? Of course! Do you know what makes a man look so good in a suit? It’s the fact that it was specially tailored to fit his body and show off his best attributes.

A well-tailored pair of suit pants can do the same for you, whether you’re planning on wearing them with a whole suit or you just want to add a mature pair of pants to your Sunday brunch look.

Get a pair of suit pants off the rack and then take them to a tailor. You’ll want to determine ahead of time whether you want a regular, classic, or slim fit. For this season, more relaxed silhouettes are in, so we recommend a regular or classic fit.

Be honest with your tailor about what features you’d like to accentuate and what you’d like to hide. A knowledgeable tailor will know how high to hem the legs, how to bring in the waist, and even how to remove some extra fabric with darts to draw attention to the butt. 

Relaxed Denim and Low-Waist

Sorry Millenials, Gen Z is winning the pants trends game this time around. The younger adults have spoken, skinny jeans are out and more relaxed fits are in. You don’t have to dive straight into the baggiest pair of jeans you can find though. There are lots of fun silhouettes, and the main point of this trend is to throw out the idea that skinny jeans are the only jeans that look good on everyone.

Try a few different styles, such as the mom jean, the boyfriend jean, a flare leg, or a boot cut. You may be surprised by what looks best on you.

We have one more request to make… and hear us out. Give low rise a chance again. Those high-rise jeans you’ve been clinging to may hide a perfectly good pair or hourglass shape figure.

Give yourself a chance to shine in a pair of well-fitting low-rise jeans.

Need to Know Pants Fashion

From the office to the home to a hot date, you need to be on top of the trends in pants to stay looking your best. Pants fashion isn’t complicated, but you may be surprised by some of the trends going on if you weren’t staying informed.

Want more fashion updates and advice? Check out more articles from our fashion section. 

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