What Are the Different Types of Braces That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Braces That Exist Today?

In the past, few adults sought out orthodontic treatment, and braces were solely for teenagers or those with severe dental issues. Yet, in the past decade, more and more adults are getting braces. During just two years, the number of adults with braces increased by 16 percent!

One reason that orthodontic treatments are more common among adults is that there are plenty of types of braces. Some treatments are less noticeable, and others require fewer office visits. So, no matter your circumstances, you can make braces work for your lifestyle! 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the different types of braces that you can get. So, if you’re considering braces, pay attention so you can choose the right kind!

Classic Metal Braces

One of the most effective and affordable braces, these metal contraptions often get a bad rap because they are noticeable. However, modern innovations make them more comfortable to wear, smaller, and even more effective than in previous years. 

These are especially good for young ones since they can customize their elastic bands with different designs and colors. Moreover, parents won’t have to worry about their children removing them, as with Invisalign and other clear aligners. 

So, before you brush off the idea of metal braces, schedule an appointment with a family orthodontist to discuss their advantages!

Ceramic Braces

If you want to combine the effectiveness of metal braces with discretion, ceramic braces are a great choice! They match the color of your teeth, so they are a lot less noticeable than traditional braces. 

Of course, ceramic braces may stain if you aren’t careful about what you eat and drink. So, you’ll have to have excellent oral hygiene habits to keep them the same color as your teeth. Also you can contact London orthodontist for the best orthodontic treatment.

Clear Aligner Braces

One of the most popular orthodontic treatments among adults is Invisalign, a clear plastic aligner. As patients gradually change their plastic aligners, their teeth shift position. 

Asides from the aesthetic benefits, patients also can eat or drink whatever they want since the trays are removable. However, they require a high level of compliance, and failure to wear the trays at least 20 hours per day can delay the results. 

Lingual Braces

Another discreet option for teenagers and adult patients is lingual braces, which run behind the teeth instead of in front. 

Although they are not the most common braces, they are completely unnoticeable and can treat many of the same alignment issues as regular metal braces. 

However, because of their location behind the teeth, some find that these braces irritate their tongue. Moreover, they may cause small changes to their speech. So, be sure to learn all about lingual braces before taking the plunge.

Self-Litigating Braces

Just like metal braces, self-litigating braces have a wire that helps move the position of your teeth. Yet, instead of elastic bands, these braces use clips that keep the wire in place. 

One of the best things about self- litigating braces is that they are easier for your orthodontist to adjust, so you’ll have shorter appointments.

Choosing the Best Types of Braces for You

Although there are many different types of braces, they may not all be suitable for treating your oral issues says this dentist in Mathews. So, be sure to schedule a consultation with your local orthodontist and ask which treatment is most effective for your misalignment issues. With their expertise, they’ll be able to come up with the perfect treatment plan that makes straightening your teeth a breeze!

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