Rent Boats without License: Biloxi Boat Rentals

Rent Boats without License: Biloxi Boat Rentals 1

Rent Boats without License: Biloxi Boat Rentals

Renting a boat for a few hours is a great way to spend a different day on the high seas, a great experience to enjoy with friends and feel like a real sailor. But many times our clients think that they can only rent one of our boats if they have the title of Skipper and that is false! In your coming vacations, don’t neglect to experience the water fun in the beach area if you plan to visit Biloxi and enjoy water sports especially Biloxi Boat Rentals. Lovely beaches, deer Island, top quality restaurants are some of the area’s top tourist attractions. Boat rentals Biloxi help you recall your ride. Rent our boats from Pontoon and sail in the water for wonderful nature experiences. Biloxi Beaches by the Biloxi Governmental Authorities are built and preserved. Deer Island is the place you can’t let go, because you can feel closer to nature here. Our boats can be taken to nearby islands by our customers (ask us before we go away from the beach). You are in charge of your health on the water. Always follow the directions for maximum enjoyment. The beaches of Biloxi are one of Mississippi’s best tourist locations.

At diveinnwatersports we have a wide variety of boats that can be piloted without the need for a navigation license. In today’s post we review what the requirements are and we offer you some of our untitled boats available for rent. You can still rent our boats if you never drive a boat before, give us the information needed, sign the legal documents and listen carefully to instructions and go on the water for a fun day. Pontoon boats are easy to drive and you don’t have to hire a boat with training or previous experience. We can take you easily and you can drive like a professional. The maximum speed limit has been set at 30 miles (for security reasons) One hour that’s time to cruse on the beach anywhere. You can use digital maps on any boat if you have lost or you cannot find the way home. At Biloxi boat rentals, you can expect low noise, low vibration, neat and clean boats. You can book your boat or choose the boat before your arrival by viewing it on the day of your arrival.

What boats can be carried without a license?

The latest legislation regarding nautical titles was published in the BOE with RD 875/2014. It defined the 5 types of nautical titles: sailing license, skipper for basic navigation, skipper, skipper, yacht skipper and yacht captain. But this article is not about this, but precisely the opposite. The boats that can be carried without the need for a license are those that meet the following characteristics:

  1. Motor boats: length less than 5 meters
  2. Sailing boats: length less than 6 meters
  3. Maximum power of 11.26 kW (15HP)

In addition, these requirements must be met:

  • Daytime navigation and good visibility
  • The person responsible for navigation must be of legal age
  • Maximum distance of 2 nautical miles from a port, marina or shelter
  • The boat cannot be a jet ski (they have their own license)

At diveinnwatersports we have several boats that meet these conditions, so that everyone can enjoy an incredible day at sea without having to hire a boat skipper.

Boat rental without license

Enjoy a day at sea at full speed with the untitled speedboats available on Charter Boat. These are boats with a capacity of up to 5 people and a length of less than 5 meters, very easy to control even by inexperienced people. You dare?

  • Speedboat Compass 400 GT: we have two boats of this type. Rent of motorboats without license in Barcelona with capacity for 5 people, perfect to enjoy with friends or family.
  • Stable Boat 415: small boat with capacity for 4 people and jetty in Port d’Andratx (Mallorca). Exceptional comfort and maneuverability. A very good option to rent a boat without a license in Mallorca .

Sailboat rental without a license

Sailing with the wind in your favor is an incomparable sensation. For this reason, we will soon have a fleet of sailboats to rent without a license, so that even if you do not have any type of qualification you can enjoy the incredible sensation of taming the wind.

Rental Boat has a wide selection of motor boats and sailboats to enjoy the best activities at sea. We rent for hours or days our best ships, with or without skipper, and with all the comforts and extras you can imagine.

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