Riot games, creator of League of Legends, finally dares with more titles

Riot Games, Creator Of League Of Legends, Finally Dares With More Titles 1

The North American video game company presented at the end of 2019 several projects that will be released this year. This advance implies the evolution of a company that has opted for the same theme for ten years.

Riot Games is a peculiar case. He has thirteen years of life and has only developed a video game, League of Legends. The title that appeared on the market in 2009 and become one of the most popular games worldwide with more than ten million daily players, but League of Legends, LOL for friends, no longer reigns alone. In recent years, it has been threatened by competitors of the likes of Fortnite, who have been for very little to dethrone it as a most used game.

The game also has other privileges in the sector: it has become the reference in the world of e-sport. One way to show that concentration, talent and imagination can fill stadiums as the Movistar Riders e-sport team does. With this data we can understand that Riot Games has exploited its only title, but in 2020 the American company has opted for the creation of new projects that have surprised the entire gamer community.

The arrival to mobile platforms, they want to fully enter mobile platforms. For this they have already presented new titles. Legends of Runaterra, a card game set in the Runaterra region, where the League of Legends universe is set. It will be available on both computers and mobile phones. Currently, Legends of Runaterra already has a website for users to register and play the beta version

The arrival of Wildrift, a mobile version of League of Legends with some minor modification, was also announced. Last but not least, the exit of Teamfight tactics is expected, a video game whose previous version was available for computers, and now with the arrival to smartphones can put serious problems to the competition, such as Clash Royale. League of Legends, Patch 10.2: Balance Changes, Highlights, Notes And Rundown By Scairtin

The interesting thing about this announcement is the moment of its launch. Many League of Legends fans wanted a video game alternative such as Mortal Kombat and Street fighter, while maintaining the LOL style. These requests have been granted following the presentation of Project L, a title set in the universe of the company’s flagship.

Finally they also presented Project F, a title that is in an initial phase of development, but they already showed us that this time it would be a “dungeon crawler” with a style similar to the Diablo saga. The most anticipated animation series by gamers. As you can see, Riot Games has thrown the house out the window with its numerous presentations. But that is not there, they have also presented Arcane, the first animated series set in the video games of the developer.

Projects A, L and F

Riot Games has presented several projects that have remained “top secret” in recent months, so much so that they were submitted by letters and not by the original title. Nevertheless, we do know what they are going to consist of. One of these presentations was Project A, a video game that we will learn more as the year progresses. For what has transpired, it is a first-person shooter, available for computer, which is not set in the fantastic universe of League of Legends.

The Project A can give a blow on the table and snatch your position in these sector leaders such as Counter Strike and Overwatch. It should be said that they also presented the documentary League of legends: Origins, available on the Netflix series of films and platforms.

These are the ambitious projects in which Riot Games has been immersed to show that they are an example of plurality in video games. Would you like to know more about this exciting world?  They have exhibitions and workshops linked to the gaming industry.

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