The year of the new console generation

The year of the new console generation 1

The cycle change comes hand in hand with technological innovations and forms of video game consumption

Every seven years or so, there is a new generational cycle in game consoles. 2020 is one of those years, one that will serve to say goodbye to the current generation, with PS4 and Xbox. One as the main affected, and to welcome the successors of these successful machines from Sony and Microsoft: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

It will be the ninth generation since such domestic systems are a reality in the market, which will be marked by new technological aspirations and ideas that will change, in one way or another, the way we understand to consume video games. The emergence of streaming , content services on demand and the technical power close to high-end computers are aspects that have arrived to stay and, once again, will lead to the beginning of a new “console war” at the end of 2020 where exclusive video games will end up tilting the balance towards one option or another.

Because both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have already shown their cards; both have names and surnames, but there are still many unresolved unknowns: launch price, number of models available in each family, output videogame catalog. Nintendo is out of that battle. Nintendo Switch – launched in March 2017 – is selling at full speed, is at its best and will approach in March the 50 million units sold; it has been both the best selling console in Spain and the rest of the world in 2019. The competition, PS4 and Xbox One, faces the end of its useful life after more than six years in the market. The first, with more than 102 million units worldwide; the second, in the absence of knowing more up-to-date data, is estimated to be around 50 million units shipped. More Than 10% of Game Developers Are Already Developing Titles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Main features of PS5 and Xbox One X

PS5 and Xbox Series X (first model of the new range) have already presented their main bets and are, at first glance, consoles with many similarities in hardware and features. Both will bet on the so-called ray tracing, the real-time ray tracing to deduce the place of recidivism of the light thanks to the processor, which will improve the effects and reflections in real time.

In the case of the new PlayStation, it will use an AMD Navi GPU and a Ryzen Zen 2 CPU. To this we must add that, for the first time, the next generation of consoles will come provided with SSD solid-state storage memories, much faster, with the ability to dramatically improve loading times  and significantly  reduce the development times of video games. An SSD memory will facilitate that there are not duplicated portions of data on the hard disk, so that the raw reading of the data will be faster and more precise.

To that we have to add the integration of modular installations: the player will choose if he wants to install only the campaign mode of a video game, the multiplayer side or both, for example; it will not be necessary to install the whole set. The physical Blu-ray discs of PS5 will be 100 GB capacity. All in all, we are talking about a system capable of reproducing content up to 8K resolution, although the community hopes that the great objective not fulfilled in this cycle can be guaranteed: the coveted 4K with 60 images per second.

Xbox Series X will be a show of power. According to the recent presentation of the console this past December, there were three key aspects with which Microsoft wants to distance itself from its great rival: power, efficiency and compatibility. They promise that, in addition, it will be a highly silent console, underlining the ecosystem concept through backward compatibility with both video games from previous Xbox consoles and peripherals (controls included) from previous family consoles.

His main credentials are an AMD Zen 2 processor with RDNA architecture four times more powerful than the Xbox One X model and accelerated ray tracing by the hardware itself. They assured that the 4K resolution with 60 FPS is guaranteed thanks to its GDDR 6 RAM, although they dared to say that it can be played even in 8K resolution in the future with up to 120 FPS. In addition, the new VRS technology, a variable speed shader technique so that developers can take full advantage of the power of the hardware.

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