Seasonal Garage Door Preparations 

Seasonal Garage Door PreparationsĀ 

Your garage door is one of the most vital components of your home. It plays a tremendous role in curb appeal. It can even impact the value of your home when you place it on the market. Most homeowners use their garage doors as the main entrance and exit of their home, opening and closing them nearly many times a year. 

Your garage door earns your attention based on how vital it is to your everyday life. By upkeep it, you can make sure it continues functioning for years to come. The team at Family Christian Doors has listed some common seasonal garage door preparations to help you keep your garage door working and looking excellently through all the months of the year. 

Is there a particular garage door repair season? While some seasons require precautions and special care and attention, you should aim to maintain your garage door for the entire year. Every season carries changing temperatures, and sudden extreme weather is what your garage door must withstand. These are the common seasonal garage door preparations. 

Keep the garage door tracks clean and clear of dirt 

The garage door tracks on either side of your garage door let it open and close, guiding the wheels to move along their correct path. It is a better idea to examine the condition of the tracks at the beginning of each season to ensure nothing dangerous is getting in its way. Even a small obstruction can harm the wheels and place your garage door out of alignment. Grab a ladder to inspect the garage door tracks from the ceiling and work your way down to the bottom part of the tracks. Clean any dirt or debris with a rag. While you are there, examine for any corrosion, as this can be an indication that it might be time for experts to install new garage door racks. 

Examine the garage door for loose hardware 

There are bolts, nuts, screws, and other parts of hardware all over your garage door systems. Loose hardware has a risk to your garage door, so ensure to tighten it. An adjustable wrench and a couple of screwdrivers should be enough to inspect your garage door hardware. Examine the hardware in the following areas: 

  • The garage door brackets carrying the garage door tracks in place
  • The fasteners fastening the garage door opener
  • The hinged garage door brackets between panels of your garage door

Loose hardware could stress your garage door and garage door opener, so ensure all these hardware components are tight. It will make sure the movement of your garage door. 

Check the garage door rollers and change the broken ones

The garage door rollers that are attached to the right and left sides of your garage door move through the tracks when opening and closing. Excellent garage door rollers contribute to a silent and smooth movement of a garage door. If you notice that your garage door is getting noisier and moving irregularly, there must be damaged garage door rollers. It is typical for garage door rollers to become loose or chipped as time passes by, so ensure to replace any defective rollers when you locate them. 

Changing garage door rollers is as easy as vacating the roller from the garage door and installing a new one. You can buy new rollers from your local garage door repair shop or hardware store. Avoid replacing the garage door rollers on the bottom of your garage door since they attach to your garage door pulley system’s cable. These cables are under high strain, and unfastening them can be harmful. Contact a professional from to replace the garage door rollers. 

Keep the moving parts of your garage door clean and lubricated. 

Your garage door opener and garage door use complex moving components to work. During the entire year, make sure that these components are clean and well-lubricated to keep them functioning. Begin by applying lithium grease on your garage door tracks and roller brackets. It will lessen the stress on your opener, adding years to its lifespan. If any of your garage door rollers look stuck, you can use WD-40 to lose them. 

Make some time to lubricate the moving pieces of your garage door’s pulley system. Apply WD-40, wiping off any excess oil to keep it from leaking on your garage floor. If your garage door opener employs a chain drive, you can give the chains a quick spray with lithium grease to decrease the strain on the opener. It can help your garage door opener work smoothly for years to come. 


It is good to keep your garage door healthy and well-maintained for the whole year. If you maintain your garage door, you will be able to see when it is about to break down. Another method is scheduling annual maintenance with us, your professional garage door company, and technicians. We will be able to locate the issues you may have forgotten. Add the yearly garage door inspection and maintenance to your garage door routine. Give us a call now.Ā Ā 

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