Swery65s Missing: The Physical Release of J.J. Macfield and the island of memories

Swery65s Missing: The Physical Release of J.J. Macfield and the island of memories 1

The prerequisite of the game is JJ. Macfield, the character of the series, searches for her friend and loves Emily after a camping trip she’s missing. After JJ, She can’t go to death and has to grisly wound herself in order to solve puzzles of the game, is struck by lightning. All around, the players unlock text messages showing their history and self-harm motivation. A dear friend suddenly disappears spurring J.J In the curious Island of Memories; Macfield goes to find her friend. You can’t die, even if you are seriously injured, at this nightmare island. No matter how many times J.J.’s have returned from death’s grip she pulls her mangled body into the woods deeper. Their arms and legs have been torn down, their limbs broken, immolation… all to find their mate. They are at risk of suffering. Fulfill the challenge and solve the island’s mysteries.

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White Owls designed the Island of Memories for J.J. Macfield, and Arc System Works released them in 2018. The game is more than two years old but with Limited Run Games there is now a limited physical release. The puzzle game was made in collaboration with Arc System Works by the game manager Hidetaka “Swery65” Suehiro. The Swery65, which includes Deadly Premonition and D4, is known for its previous games. The Missing was his first game, White Owls, released by his studio.

The Missing stars a young woman named J.J. on her quest to find her friend. The official description goes on to say, the sudden disappearance of a dear friend spurs JJ. to go look for her friend on the curious Island of Memories. You can’t die on the nightmare island, even if you’re seriously injured.

The game is rated for adults, as it includes some grotesque elements such as dismemberment and gore. The official description emphasizes that J.J. is willing to go through this pain to find her friend. J.J. is ultimately trying to discover,  Why did my friend leave? What is this uncomfortable feeling?

Although the game is over for a few years, it’s still updated. On 10 October 2019, the most recent patch update. When it was released in 2018, the Missing won multiple awards. The award list can be found on its official website. On both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Limited Run Games release the physical release of the game. The limited edition of the collector includes F.K. Plush, a ball with sleepy donuts and a sticker plate all included with a collector’s pack. Sleepy Donuts 3D magnets. Preorders will be released on January 31, 2020 for the physical version of the game. The publication is limited to 2,000 copies, but free of region. After a preorder closing the product will be shipped no more than 2-4 months.

The demo can be tried prior to buying by the players interested in trying out the game.

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