Coating for the kitchen: which is the best choice?

Coating For The Kitchen: Which Is The Best Choice? 1

In a kitchen, regardless of size and style, in addition to the choice of flooring, it is very important to also pay close attention to the wall tiles. Of the whole house, the kitchen is the environment most subject to external events, such as humidity, steam, grease stains, as well as the accidental fall of hot liquids, acid and corrosive products and even heavy or sharp objects. The io kitchen covering must therefore harmonize aesthetically with the furnishings and flooring and, at the same time, withstand all the typical stresses of this environment.

In addition to the classic tiles, the kitchen cladding can be made with materials of different nature, naturally paying attention that it is a resistant and easily washable product. In general, the kitchen cladding panels are positioned in the area behind the sink, the hob and the worktop, but it is not excluded that an entire wall can be covered with the preferred material, creating a half-height cladding or for example, completely tiling the walls of the kitchen. Kitchen splashback is also thr best choice for your kitchen you can prefer to make your kitchen more attractive.

The market offers you a series of refined and functional solutions for the kitchen wall covering, which allow you to obtain an excellent result in terms of design, with the guarantee of long durability:

  • Marble slab coverings ;
  • Ceramic tile coverings ;
  • Wood panels treated to resist humidity;
  • Cladding for the modern concrete kitchen ;
  • Resin for covering floors and walls;
  • Waterproof and washable paints and enamels
  • Laying of tiles for mosaic kitchen cladding ;
  • Panels in metal or glass materials.

The choice of one material or another depends on the size of your kitchen, the style of the furniture and the architectural context, the technique and installation and also the budget you have available for this job. Obviously, a precious material or a particular technique will involve a higher expense. To orient yourself towards the best solution, we advise you to contact a professional: thanks to Mycoppercraft you can easily contact the best craftsmen who work in your area and ask for detailed information, suggestions and quotes regarding the ideal kitchen covering for you.

A classic material: kitchen wall tiles

The tiles represent a classic solution but still widely used also for the covering of a modern, versatile, easy-to-maintain kitchen and available in a rich range of variants.

The most classic are single-fired tiles, particularly resistant due to the very high temperature cooking method. This type of coating guarantees a series of interesting advantages:

  • It is extremely resistant to thermal shocks and impacts;
  • It is easy to wash without the need for special detergents;
  • The enameled surface does not allow grease stains to penetrate;
  • The range of colors allows maximum creativity.

Another highly appreciated material for the realization of the kitchen covering is porcelain stoneware, consisting of a mix of clay, quartz and other minerals. Stoneware floors and wall coverings are very resistant, with the added value of a wide range of aesthetic finishes, decorations and colors: from geometric designs, to floral patterns, even to the stone or wood effect, obtainable with special printing techniques

Porcelain stoneware and single-fired tiles also offer the advantage of being simple to wash and requiring no maintenance. Contact Mycoppercraft artisans who work in your city now to make your stoneware or single- fired kitchen wall tiles, so as to obtain information and request a quote for laying a wall tiles.

Create a natural wood kitchen covering

Wood is a natural material, pleasant to look at, comfortable and elegant, which conveys a characteristic sensation of warmth and lends itself to numerous aesthetic solutions and finishes. However, in the case of the kitchen some problems may arise due to the very humid environment due to the presence of steam, as well as the possibility of staining it with greasy, greasy or acidic substances. If you want to create a wooden kitchen cladding, you must choose a material treated in advance

 to withstand the humidity, or subsequently paint it with special impregnating products.

An alternative solution, also suitable for covering a modern kitchen , is to use a laminate: it is a very resistant product, available in a wide range of colors and finishes and also made in the specific variant for wet rooms.

Contact the Mycoppercraft artisans, who will be able to advise you on the most suitable product for your kitchen, offering you detailed information and quotes, without any commitment on your part.

Kitchen linings made of cement, resin or enamel

Materials such as cement, resin, paints and enamels adapt to create the covering of a modern or minimal chic kitchen, thanks to the possibility of creating a surface without joints and breaks, easy to wash and with a wide choice of aesthetic patterns and solutions.

Cement is also ideal for flooring and can be painted with special materials to obtain a shiny and shiny surface. It is a very resistant material and can also be laid directly on old floors. Since it can reach a rather high cost, it is important that, for this work, you turn to a qualified craftsman, who is able to provide you with a precise estimate and to respect the expected times. Resin is also an excellent material, resistant, quick to lay and easy to clean, which allows to obtain complex and very beautiful aesthetic effects.

Special glazes and paints represent a modern and relatively inexpensive solution, which allows you to renovate the kitchen without necessarily removing the old tiles. In addition, the glazed surfaces can be easily renewed and are very easy to keep clean. Contact Mycoppercraft professionals for advice and precise information on the costs and installation techniques of your ideal kitchen cladding.

Ceramic or glass mosaics and metal sheet coverings

Glass and metal are precious and delicate materials, often used in design environments and in the most prestigious projects. You can still decorate your kitchen by creating inserts in mirrored glass, colored glass or copper or aluminum plates without excessive costs: ask the Mycoppercraft experts who will offer you all the information you need.

Ceramic or glass mosaic is highly appreciated in the most creative environments and can be easily combined with other materials. Kitchen walls and floors can be decorated with mosaic inserts to create personalized and original aesthetic solutions. Request your quote through the Mycoppercraft service to the professionals who live in your city and choose the solution you deem most suitable for your living environment.

If you are interested in learning more about the prices of various interventions for the kitchen, here are price guides that can help you:

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