What do we know from the Life of Dalia Hammoud (Dodo7788)?

What do we know from the Life of Dalia Hammoud (Dodo7788)? 1

Dalia Hammond’s story shows us that anything or everything you want to do can be done. This world has endless opportunities and everything you have to do is taking a step to it and show patience. She has accomplished so much in such a short period that most people just dream about it, but she taught every one of her fans and followers that. Her goal is to dream big and then work hard for her followers. Her life is a confirmation that anything you want can be done. She’s a kid with many great talents and versatility. Her award for the best photography in art for 2016 was clear proof of that for Eman Elflamrzi. She was also driven to almost 35 countries in 2018 by her passion for travel. She has made some promotion for Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airlines and even Switzerland Airlines thanks to her strong support for adventurous living and travel. For twenty days she was also invited to Morocco to review and tell people about her culture. On her Swiss tour, she won the highest scoring and hits the same heights as she is in her career.

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An Interview with the social media superstar, it was being asked from her, did you expect this video to reach millions in one day. She replied that, to be honest I was not expecting that at all, this video got such spread across all social media in one day. I got 100,000 followers on Instagram which made me so happy and continued to do these comedies.  In reply of a question about, how did she get this video idea? Dalia Hammond’s replied, she was creating her own business and she was very compact, There was a song she like and many people do, she used the melody and she wrote the lyrics for the song and did the video it’s was a comedy words about work and the people loved it and start sharing the video. Let us see some more question answer asked from her.

  1. after your success in the comedy field, are you thinking about acting? 

Dalia Hammond’s A. I did not think about this, but if I got a beautiful role in a movie directed by senior directors, I would not hesitate.

  1. Have you expected millions of this video in one day? 

Dalia Hammond’s A. I didn’t expect this video to spread over all social media in a single day to be honest. I had 100,000 Instagram followers, who made me so proud and continued to perform such comedies. It was a song that I like and other people do, I used the melody and I wrote the lyrics for the song. I did the video, and it was some comedy words and the people loved it and started to share the video.

  1. What made you sing and enter the singing field, Dalia? 

Dalia Hammond’s A. I am a music enthusiast. My first instrument I learned that I was eight years old, I made a lot of songs and supported lots of singers, who are stars now, and decided to play one and a few songs and see whether people love them. I studied music and learned to play many musical instruments. Yes they did! And all of them call for more.

  1. Who’s the funniest social media user for you? 

Dalia Hammond’s A. My friend Ahmed Al-Sharif is a leading activist, one of the funniest social media people and he always has new ideas.

  1. Dalia Hammoud what did you do? 

Dalia Hammond’s A. With the grace of God or love of the people, I have achieved a lot of success, set up advertising and media company known as Fun al Ebdaa FAE.MEDIA and opened many other businesses, such as a restaurant and spa. Thank God that I have accomplished many successes, but I’m always optimistic and look ahead and I’ve only come to a successful conclusion.

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