Tabaz Noori dominates social media and reaches 100,000 followers milestone on Instagram!

Tabaz Noori

 How Tabaz Noori finally reached 100,000 organic followers on Instagram @tabaznoori.

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Tabaz noori is the brand ambassador. Philanthropist. Contractor. Executor. Musician. Executor. Interpreter. Director. Producer. Production Director. Director of photography. Editor. Animator. Visual effects specialist. Sound Effects Specialist. Graphic effects specialist. Photographer. Graphic Designer. Printing specialist. Web Designer. Promoter. Journalist. Advertising analyst. Marketing strategist. Social media expert. Acceleration / Growth Specialist. Artist manager. Catering decorator. Fruit and sweet table designer. Organizer of events and weddings. Islamic activist

Tabaz Noori is currently a Canadian businessman and philanthropist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his family. He is the founder and co-owner of Noori Productions. He is the brain of the operation: director of photography, colorist, editor, director, multimedia manager, photographer, producer, promoter, publicist and record company manager at Noori Productions. Noori Productions is a multimedia production and record company founded in 2008. Noori Productions became neither a certified nor legal record company until 2012, nor a legitimate registered media production company until 2013. Upon opening, Ground Studio began in 2010 with Rise to Fame, for both Tabaz Noori and Noori Productions.

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Tabaz Noori is also an Afghan artist, musician, actor, model and social media tycoon. Tabaz has become one of the most commented, tracked, researched, distributed and visited by Afghans of our time. Noori Productions became the first “Middle Eastern” production company in Canada and the first “Afghan” production company in Afghanistan. Building on this success, Tabaz continued to create and release three consecutive music videos: I Am Mustafa (2010), Allah and Jahan (2014) and Madina (2016). He then announced his very first full-length documentary, The Tabaz Nuri Revolution, released in 2013. Tabaz and his team eventually released the highly anticipated and highly anticipated feature-length documentary “The Tabaz Noori Revolution” in the spring of 2015. The film broke national and international records.

Tabaz Noori is set to launch her clothing and merchandise line for NP & WMG, release her self-written novel “The Social Evolution”, her fourth music video “Dunya” and hold a charity, red carpet and red carpet ceremony for “Noori Productions 10 Years” in 2018 year.

Now tabaz noori finally reached 100,000 organic followers on instagram@tabaznoori

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