Teen Activities to Keep Summer Fun


About 30% of teenagers have jobs to do over the summer, but if your teen isn’t old enough to work, they’re going to be home all summer long.

For teens who need structure and get stir-crazy, this could be bad. You need to find outlets for safe and healthy teen summer fun.

We’re here with a few of our top ideas. Read on to learn about teen activities to do in the summer.

Starting a Creative New Hobby

This is one of the best summer activities for teens who need some kind of creative outlet. Whether your teenager is already artsy or they’ve never so much as touched a sketchbook, giving them a chance to express their creativity will keep them engaged all summer (and it might unlock a brand new passion).

Take this opportunity to get an end-of-schoolyear gift for your child in the form of art supplies.

Do you think you have a budding photographer in your household? Invest in a nice camera (or better yet, a film camera) and encourage them to take portraits, nature shots, and architecture shots when they’re out and about. They’ll be able to capture their summer memories.

Maybe you think you have a teenage painter. If that’s the case, buy a set of watercolor paints and a pad of watercolor paper.

Many teens dream of being musicians. If your teen can carry a tune, consider a new instrument as a gift. Even a simple ukulele can be enough to inspire a teenager to do great things musically.

Playing Outdoor Games With Friends

Get your teenager outside while the weather is nice! Many teens think that they’re too “cool” to play games, but when no adults are looking, they’re happy to play.

If you’re looking for something “cool” enough for even the moodiest teenager, let them play with paintball guns

(on a safe paintball course). This fun activity will help them burn off energy while they have good, not-so-clean fun.

Why not get them involved in a sport? Many community centers offer casual sports teams that teenagers can join, so now might be the best time for your teen to try something that they’ve always been interested in without the high stakes of school sports.

Volunteering for Local Causes

This is one of our favorite activities for teens, regardless of the season. If your teenager is the type to need structure, involve them in local volunteering opportunities that they can help with every week.

Pick one that suits your teen’s passions and personality. They may want to work with animals at the local humane society or pass out food at local food banks or soup kitchens.

If your teen is outdoorsy and loves to hike during the summer, have them pick up trash while they’re out there. This is a solitary way to do something great for the community.

Bonus: doing work for charity also looks great on college applications.

Which of These Teen Activities Seems Fun?

There are countless teen activities to choose from, but these are our favorites. Playing games with friends will keep your teen active and social, starting a new art hobby will let them develop creativity, and volunteering will give them structure while they help the community.

Talk to your teen about their summer activities today.

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