The 6 Most Dangerous Occupations in America—Ranked!

Most Dangerous Occupations

So are you on the lookout for a new job? What do you look for in a great job?

You probably want a good salary, opportunities for growth, and a great work-life balance. Perhaps you also crave a bit of danger!

As crazy as it might sound, a lot of job seekers enjoy looking for dangerous occupations. It might be for the thrill of it or the fact that dangerous jobs are often the highest-paying.

But what are the most dangerous occupations in America?

Here are the fascinating and dangerous jobs that you’ve got to watch out for:

1. Healthcare Worker

We have to tip our hats off at one of the most dangerous jobs during COVID, which is being any type of healthcare worker.

While working in the healthcare industry always carries risks, many healthcare workers have put their lives at risk to protect the rest of us in the past year. This job is a noble profession that saves lives while putting your own life in danger.

If you’ve ever considered working to help your fellow humans, you should consider working in the healthcare industry.

2. Construction Worker

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is in the construction industry. Even with professional construction sites that have safety precautions, there can still be major risks working in construction.

It can also be a thankless job in comparison to other jobs on this list. When it comes to beautiful buildings we often admire the architect. But seldom do we respect the labor of the construction workers.

Nevertheless, this job can be lucrative if you persist with it. You are putting your life at risk when you work on a construction site. But you’ll also work to create someone’s home, someone’s business, or a beautiful monument.

If you decide to work in the construction industry, please visit this website: to learn about your rights as a construction worker. 

3. Hand Laborers

Another dangerous job is being any type of hand laborer. While it might not always lead to death, it can lead to serious injuries or lifelong pain.

Think about the strain that professional movers experience when they help you move your clutter from your home. Even moving furniture from one room to another can be dangerous.

Hand laborers can also include dock workers, freight workers, loggers, and much more. If you wanted to become a hand laborer, you’d want to make sure you build muscle first.

You’d also need to learn workout skills to maintain good form when you lift heavy cargo. If you aren’t careful, you can disable yourself forever. As with construction, this can often be a thankless job.

But you’re still doing something great for others. You can also earn a lucrative income without having to overwork yourself. It’s also a great job where you always exercise and meet new people!

4. Private Security

This has been one of the most dangerous jobs in history and still carries a lot of risks. 

With private security, you are required to protect an individual or group rather than the public at large. You’ll need the skills of self-defense including knowing how to fight and use firearms.

With private security, you are expected to put your life ahead of others. If someone is charging at your client, it’s up to you to stand in front of harm’s way!

Private security doesn’t get appreciated by the general public in the way that the police force or military does. But your clients will likely thank you for your service.

Private security can also offer lucrative opportunities to make money. If making money is your goal, you can consider working as a bodyguard for celebrities and high net worth individuals.

Apart from being a bodyguard, you can also work as a security guard. This can be for a company, residency, or for a shopping center.

One freedom that you have with these latter options is that you can choose a location with low crime rates. This reduces the risk of an otherwise dangerous occupation!

5. Pilots

When you enjoy a comfortable flight across the world, make sure to thank the pilot who got you there as you de-plane!

Being a pilot is not just a dangerous occupation but also one that requires immense responsibility. You’re responsible for protecting an entire group of passengers who cannot depend on anyone but you.

Pilots have the responsibility of flying a plane with complete concentration. Even the slightest mistake can cost the lives of the entire crew and passengers.

There’s also the risk of hijacking and protecting everyone against terrorist threats. Pilots will be expected to put their lives ahead of the passengers.

6. Artists and Other Communicators

You might be thinking, wait a minute, this doesn’t belong on this list!

While it’s true that being an artist or communicator might not always be life-threatening, it can still be dangerous. 

Communicators have put their lives at risk for speaking truths and challenging taboos.

Novelists such as Salman Rushdie received death threats for his writings. He refused to back down and fought against tyranny to defend freedom of speech.

Journalists have put their lives on the line to expose corruption by the powers-that-be. 

It does take courage for an artist to challenge taboos rather than create mindless entertainment. It does take courage for a reporter to cover some of the evils that plague our world.

Never take your freedoms for granted, as many artists and communicators before you fought for those freedoms to exist. That’s why we think artists and communicators are some of the most dangerous jobs in America and the world! 

These Are the Most Dangerous Occupations in America

Now that you know about the most dangerous occupations in America, we’d like to turn the tables on you!

Which of these jobs would you like to pursue? Do you have the courage to take on any of these occupations?

These jobs are indeed dangerous but they’re also rewarding and lucrative. If you want to find a great career change, this list is a great way to start. 

Please share this guide with anyone looking for a career change. You can find more great articles on jobs on our website!

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