The First Step in Mastering a Career in Sales | Expert Advice from Aaron Regev

Expert Advice from Aaron Regev

Today, we invited Aaron Regev to share what he’s learned in all his years working as the go-to man between business and customer. Aaron currently works as a Sales Manager at one of the fastest-growing home warranty companies in the United States. And, today, he shares how he was able to get there.

Before anything else, let’s start with your background. When did your journey begin?

Aaron Regev: I’d say that my journey began from the moment I was born — not to say that I was born into the job or anything like that.

But my parents were tough on me from the get-go. Times were hard back then, and as hardworking people themselves, they made sure to raise me with a good work ethic from the beginning. They wanted to give me as much of a head start as possible, and that’s exactly what they did. They shaped a lot of the man that I am today, and I am forever grateful for that.

What were the early years of your career like?

Aaron Regev: Just like everyone else, I had a lot of learning to do. And doing so in the real world? I had to learn quick. I saw success, I made mistakes — I even lost my job at one point (very early on, when the company I had been working for at the time as a salesperson suddenly failed.)

What was one mistake that you learned early on that you know better now not to do?

Aaron Regev: Ah, back then, I wasn’t always the most patient. I wanted to conquer the world, you know? I wanted to put us on the map (everywhere on the map), and I wanted it now. That led me to make a lot of reckless, costly decisions. Thankfully, I learned eventually.

I still have that determination in me. I still want to do all that I can to make sure that we are winning on all sides of the fence, but now I know better to make any big decisions when I’m in that mindset.

Do you have any advice to give to those who may want to avoid that very same mistake?

Aaron Regev: Expanding on what I said just now, I th ink it’s all about getting in the right mindset. Be happy with what you’ve accomplished, yes. But stay humble, stay grounded. Allow yourself some time to think and be honest with yourself and with others.

I used to have this mentor who would tell me now and then that success came at the expense of others (literally, his most recommended approach was ‘screw the next guy.’) But I just can’t agree with that. I think believing that you can outsmart everyone is more likely to lead to your fall than your rise. If not now, then sooner or later. So, my advice? Be honest.

Now, shifting your attention back to your current situation, please explain to our readers what it is that you do.

Aaron Regev: I’m the Sales Manager at a home warranty company based in the United States. I was hired on because of my long history in sales to, basically, guide the existing sales team and teach them how to be better salespeople.

What kind of values guide your everyday business decisions?

Aaron Regev: At the company that I work for now, our mission is to make sure that we are able to assist our customers 100% of the time. This, along with our determination to reinvent the industry and make the complicated home warranty industry as easy to navigate as possible for our customers guides a lot of our everyday decisions.

How do you make sure that your team is on the same page as you and adhere to these values?

Aaron Regev: I talk to them, I teach them, I make sure that they understand I am there for them, and through it all, I encourage them to think for themselves so that they become more self-confident.

Last question! What is the first thing that you teach the salespeople that you mentor to help them become better at their job?

Aaron Regev: I teach them how to treat every single situation as if it were their own troubles — as if our customers’ pain were theirs. Because our customers deserve the best service available from us — and the sooner that my team understands that? The better.

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