What You Should Know about the Services You can Expect from a Contract Packer

Contract Packer

When running a business, it’s only natural for you to make sure that all your investments are worthwhile. If you plan to buy or invest in something, you are most likely trying to find out as much as you can about that item or service, especially if it’s a substantial investment. In the same vein, when you choose to partner with someone or rely on an outsourced service, you need the assurance that they will do the job you expect them to do and provide you with the service you need. If you are thinking about hiring a contract packer, you may already know some of their merits. But what can you expect about their services? Here’s what you should know about the services you can expect from a contract packer.

What are their services?

Foremost on any business person’s mind would be a contract packer’s services. The best contract packers can offer a good number of services with a systemised and organised packing process. One of the most common packing services is vertical form fill sealing or vertical bagging, where the machine is creating the bag whilst packing the material. 

Another packing service is flow wrapping, which seals your products using film whilst they are on a conveyor. Shrink wrapping is another form of packing where they use heat for sealing products tightly in plastic. Sleeve wrapping is when the packer wraps a product or a group of it in a tight and thick sleeve made from polythene. Overwrapping is when packers wrap a product using another outer film layer to be more thoroughly protected and appear more elegant. 

Other services include bottling, coding and labelling, filling, and even hand assembly and reworking, where products are repackaged or repaired if you have experienced issues with the product’s original or prior packaging. 

Do you need one?

There may be some businesses that don’t require the services of a contract packer. This would include a company that works only with a small production run or already has the equipment they need for packaging. But working with a contract packer can benefit you if you manufacture plus ship items or products in bulk, and if you package products only for transport – which means that your products are not yet ready for selling in retail. Instead of investing in machines and equipment rather than training staff to pack, you can outsource your needs to a contract packing firm that can do all of the above for you. 

How to determine if you need one

You would need a contract packing service if your business:

  • Doesn’t have the right machinery or equipment for packing in-house, and if you don’t have the expertise 
  • Is already working at full capacity and is still not able to fulfil customer demands 
  • Is set to launch a product but doesn’t want to invest in in-house packing
  • Has a product that is only available for a short time, such as for a trial or promotion
  • Has experienced problems with operation, such as laying off staff or requiring maintenance on your existing packing line
  • Doesn’t have extra space for storage, especially if you regularly import your products or send them directly to the store 

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