The specifics of Capcom resident’s evil 8, such as the environment and graphics, are starting to surface.

The specifics of Capcom resident's evil 8, such as the environment and graphics, are starting to surface. 1

Due to Capcom’s efforts to keep the checks flowing, the Resident Evil franchisors are alive and well. We were on a restorative mission lately. Resident Evil 2 Reboot has been a huge business success and the reboot of the Evil 3 Resident looks like it has been popular online thanks to its Resident Evil Resistance mode and its Nemesis project. But since Capcom made a new release with a new story line, it has been quite a while. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was the first. It was a refreshing change in every sense of the word. This featured first-person graphics instead of shooting the game from the third person. Taking his creepy setting and VR service inspired by New Orleans into account.

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In just over two months we will be able to get our hands on the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 3 (which, let’s not forget, also includes the new Resident Evil Resistance). Fans can’t wait to relive Jill’s adventures after many years, but it’s not the only title in the saga that many await. Resident Evil 8, in fact, always remains in the minds of the players, affected by what Capcom did with Resident Evil 7.

However, it seems that the wait for Resident Evil 8 will not be short at all. A well-known insider, Happy Gamer, gave us some information on the title. This is an already known leaker who had correctly anticipated information on Resident Evil 3 Remake: as far as everything he has said is to be classified as rumor, we can be considered fairly reliable.

Capcom recently announced the remake of Resident Evil 3, but apparently it is already thinking about the future, or a probable Resident Evil 8. Apparently rumors about what we can expect from the next chapter are starting to flock on Twitter and YouTube.

As always, we ask you to take this news with pliers, especially because Capcom has not yet declared that it is working on a new chapter in the horror saga. However, the details provided by an insider are interesting and worth a look. According to the YouTube channel , the next chapter will not really be called Resident Evil 8, but Capcom would have decided to name it differently. However, this new RE will be a continuation of Resident Evil 7 and will keep the point of view of the camera firsthand.

According to rumors,Winters will return, as will Chris Redfield. In the game, as regards the enemies, in addition to the well-known zombies, new creatures will appear; among these could come a sort of werewolf, or at least a creature similar to a wolf. As for the setting, the game could have a village and a castle. Also, there may be snow and mountain areas or levels. Below you can take a look at the video of the YouTube channel.

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