Tips For Advanced Dayz Players

Dayz Players

There are plenty of people who are devoted to staying alive in Dayz, one of the most popular survival games. There are significant obstacles in the game, which makes it difficult for a player even to survive. Thus, every player needs to focus on increasing their chances of survival in the game. Now, the question is, how do you do this? Dayz cheat for pc does lend a helping hand to the players in surviving for a long time in the game.

But the tips given below not only will prolong your life in the game but will also help you defeat zombies, bandits, infections, and the dangers of falling down a building. The game can be challenging for experienced or advanced players, with more and more difficulties marking the scene. Dayz is one game that is not only difficult to master but even difficult to enter, adding to the excitement levels. Here are some tips and tricks to help the advanced players who have come a long way into the game.

One Backup is Never Sufficient

Always make sure that when you are stuck in a problematic survival situation, you should have more than one option for your moves. There should be multiple contingencies in your plan to meet survival and rescue goals. After all, DayZ is a game of death and all about your ability to defeat it. For example, a tent with big caches of different items tells that the owner will not be helpless like most of us when he witnesses death. 

Try To Stay Away from High Traffic Situations

There are areas in the game such as Berezino, Northwest, and the Northeast airfields where you can get killed if you go there. Though these are perfect places to stock up on weapons, they can also get you killed. Thus, if you wish to prolong your life, you need to remain in smaller towns and not go towards these high traffic areas.

Options Are An Essential Key

Since Dayz is a game where death is always foreshadowing you, you would not want to be backed up in the many corners in the game. But there are many routes out of them as well. For example, a tent may be a perfect place for keeping your weapons, and they can also be a trap. Also, the game leaves you no option to get to know about the person who robbed you. It would just be a game of patience and psychology to know when these attackers would be back.

Stealth is Your Ultimate Weapon

As per experts, you need to remain unnoticed for as long as possible. Thus, it would help if you did not do anything that can get your attention. Bandits, zombies, and even other players are looking for ways to defeat you at first sight. Thus, it is advisable to stay away from all those locations with a heavy population, to wear dark-coloured clothes that are easy to camouflage at night, and also to move along the edges to just stay alive by being out of sight.

Use your Energy Wisely

Energy is constrained in the game of Dayz, and thus you need to use it wisely. Therefore, make efforts to preserve your energy as much as possible. Do not run unnecessarily, take time to do heavy tasks, and preserve your food as much as possible.

Move in a Particular Direction

It is very easy to get lost in a game of Dayz. Thus, it is advisable to stop moving in circles or to move backwards, as it can let you lose your focus. Also, entering and exiting from diverse doors can only hamper your clarity about direction.


Dayz is all about survival, and all the tips and tricks help you maintain your survival rate. This is a game where speed can prove to be a disadvantage, and in many instances, moving slowly can aid you in winning the game as well. There are some Dayz hacks as well that can lend you a helping hand in staying alive for a long time. After all, the player who lives for the maximum time will win for sure.

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