Are Office Cleaning Services Worth Your Money?

Office Cleaning Services

The value of a clean and organized office is often underestimated. However, it contributes to increased productivity, a fact that most people don’t know. Here is how a clean office contributes to productivity, healthier working environment, and ultimately leads to growth within your organization.

1) A clean office keeps your employees healthy

When an employee is sick at home or in their car on the way to work, they’re not able to perform as well during the day. If these individuals have cold symptoms, for example, they might be less likely to complete tasks efficiently. A dirty office can cause this same problem since people will pick up germs from common surfaces like doorknobs, desks, and chairs and then spread them around the workspace. Keeping things clean helps prevent illness by reducing the risk that someone could become ill while working. This also reduces absenteeism due to sickness among your employees. Hiring professional cleaners such as JAN-PRO can keep your office clean using industry approved methods.

A clean workplace or office also minimizes risks of injuries. Generally, injuries occur most frequently in areas where people congregate. Therefore, workplaces with messy environments pose higher risks of injury than those with spotless ones. Unsanitary conditions increase the chances of getting sick.

2) It improves productivity and efficiency

Clean offices help boost productivity because there isn’t much distraction when everything is neat and tidy. Even if you don’t want to focus too hard on cleaning, simply having a place where everyone knows what needs to happen next makes it easier to get things done quickly. You can use this time to catch up with emails or take care of other business before starting on the task list. The fewer distractions, the better!

4) A clean office makes life easier for maintenance staff

Keeping your office clean means maintenance workers won’t spend hours each week scrubbing floors, washing windows, dusting furniture, mopping walls, vacuuming carpets & rugs, and more. By making all those jobs easy, it allows maintenance teams to dedicate more energy towards other projects such as painting rooms, installing new carpet, repairing appliances, updating technology, and so on. Plus, it saves money since hiring extra cleaners would cost you even more than just doing these simple chores yourself.

5) Saves you money on supplies

If you need to buy supplies every month, spending $50-$100 per month on janitorial services may seem expensive. But think about it: That amount of cash goes straight to buying products instead of paying salaries. In addition to saving you money, using these supplies doesn’t mean that you’re wasting resources either. Some items, such as paper towels, disinfectant sprays, mops, brooms, trash bags, and toilet tissue, last longer than others. Investing in durable cleaning products or office cleaning services ensures that you’ll always have enough supply to meet demand.

6) It impacts how customers feel about your business

When customers see an unkempt office, they assume that their experience at your establishment might be less pleasant. If you notice that your business has a lot of empty spaces, consider investing some funds into improving the overall look and feel of your office. A well-kept office creates a welcoming environment for clients and potential hires alike. Make sure that your reception area is inviting, that the lobby feels bright and airy, and that the waiting room is cosy and quiet. There’s no reason why a clean office should exclude anyone.

7) A clean office or workplace boosts employee morale

Employees often complain about dirty offices, especially during winter months. Dirty workspaces lead to low morale and increased stress levels. Employees aren’t satisfied with their surroundings and many find it difficult to concentrate on tasks. Maintaining a clean office not only boosts employee satisfaction, but it also encourages teamwork. Everyone understands that he/she plays a role in helping his/her colleagues stay healthy and focused.

8) Attract more prospective clients

Visitors love visiting businesses that maintain a nice appearance. They feel comfortable coming into your office knowing that you’ve taken steps to make sure that everything looks good. People who visit your office will leave feeling happy about themselves and about how great your company is run. Not only does maintaining a clean office create a positive impression on guests, but it keeps your employees happier too. When you keep your office clean, it shows your team members that you value the quality of life in the office.

Additionally, happy clients are more likely to leave positive feedback on your business GMB profile, Yelp profile, and other directories. They also spread positive word of mouth. This makes it easier to attract new prospective clients.


A professionally-cleaned and organized office gives a great impression, inspires confidence, keeps employees healthy, and boosts morale and productivity in the workplace. To enjoy other benefits of a clean office, consider hiring reliable office cleaning services.

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