5 Bucks Party Ideas He Will Remember for a Long Time

5 Bucks Party Ideas He Will Remember for a Long Time

You’ve been bestowed the honor to become the Best Man of a loved one. What will you do to feel like you truly deserved such honor? Besides completing the usual duties and responsibilities of a Best Man for the wedding to go smoothly, you’ll also want to host the buck’s party of the century!

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the groom has the best night of his life (besides his wedding night, of course). But with so many different ideas, you might be wondering: What can you do to give your groom an event he’ll remember forever?

Read on for awesome Brisbane bucks night party ideas!

  1. Head to the Ultimate Golf Adventure

Is your groom an avid fan of golf? This is one of the perfect ideas, then. Imagine… Country clubs and the vast greens, only hearing nature and getting a hole-in-one. To follow with scrumptious meals over fine alcoholic drinks.

Definitely not the usual bar and strip club, but higher levels of fancier you won’t want to miss. Head to Barnbougle in Australia, which provides you and the buddies the immersive golf experience you will all ever get.

In fact, The Dunes golf course is one of the best worldwide! Besides the golf course, you’ll enjoy their luxury accommodation and a clubhouse perfect for buck’s parties, along with amazing personal service to have the groom feel like the boss for a weekend.

Plan out a day trip out in the greens, then head on out for party games and drinking around the capital city, with high-quality restaurants and whiskies.

  1. Charter a Private Jet
    If you and all the 12 lads are on board (pun intended), why not hire a private jet? The biggest advantage here is that you won’t be limited to only one destination. You can head on to wherever you want and do whatever you want!

Travel interstate and head to your favorite faraway restaurants or beaches! You can take a brewery tour in Melbourne, a fishing trip in Gold Coast, then enjoy a pub crawl in Sydney, then head back to the wedding venue swiftly and look smooth while doing so.

  1. Go Sports Fishing

Remember that a buck’s party would be one of the rare occasions that you and the mates can get on together for a few days off to actually unwind and chat. Take advantage of this opportunity and go for an epic fishing trip everyone’s always wanted!

Far North Queensland is the way to go for fishing trips, and what’s great is that there are companies that can do all of the planning and coordination. From helicopter transfers to liveaboard charters with top-notch fishing gear, you’ll have everything you need for the ultimate adventure.

  1. Head to a Camping Trip

Want to be one with nature, then head on camping… This time off-road with Land Rovers! This is way more extraordinary compared to the typical road trip or camping weekend.

There are companies who can coordinate buck’s party packages for you, including 4x4s for all of you to drive and do the old-fashioned camping experience… You know, the ones that real men do?

Remember, you’re going remote, so make sure you let everyone know where you’re at. The great part about it is that there won’t be anyone nearby, no other partygoers or noise limits, so do whatever you want and enjoy nature over a couple of beers together.

Plus, this is more affordable compared to the other options on the list, so this may be great for those on a budget.

  1. Take a Heli-Pub Tour

Pub crawls are great, but you can do one better and do a Heli Pub Tour, which various companies offer! You can opt for half-day or full-day tours, with the latter usually having a tour of 5 different pubs.

Opt for out-of-the-ordinary pubs that give everyone the ultimate adventure and drinking experience! Some can be set on beaches, on mountain tops, where you can enjoy fine-quality beers over amazing pub grub.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to throwing your groom a bachelor’s party, you’d want to go all out and not just go for the typical strip joint or a loosely-planned pub crawl around town. Think outside the box and head on out for great adventures that everyone will surely enjoy and remember for a long time. The next step after choosing an awesome idea: PLANNING IT OUT!

I hope that this list of the best buck’s party ideas will help you out! Choose from any of these ideas and get to planning so your groom will remember this for a lifetime.

Do you have any questions or want to share your own ideas and experiences when throwing the ultimate buck’s party? Share them in the comments section below, all of your thoughts are much appreciated.

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