What You Need to Ask Before Buying a Used Quad Bike

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Riding quad bikes can be tremendous fun, and if you are interested in purchasing one, there are lots of options available. However, if you cannot afford a new machine, you will want to look at the available second-hand ones. There are still plenty of second-hand quad bikes you can choose from. If you have found a quad bike that interests you, there are some questions you will want to ask before you decide to buy it or not. Below are some of these questions for you to ask that can help ensure you purchase a quality machine that gives you value for money.

Are You Sure You Do Not Want A New Quad Bike?

Before you visit any quad bikes that you like the look of, you should first ask yourself whether you want a second-hand one or whether you can get a new one. There are many UK quad bike finance deals available that you may be able to afford. If you don’t live in the UK, there are also other reliable quad bike retailers that offer finance deals on new machines. The good thing about purchasing a new machine is that it gives you the manufacturer’s warranty. However, if you have your heart set on a second-hand quad bike, there are lots of excellent vehicles you could buy if you wanted to.

Is The Quad Bike Road Legal?

When visiting the quad bike store, you will want to ascertain whether it is road legal or not, and if it is, the price will usually be more. If the quad bike is not road legal, you will also need to consider getting a trailer and hitch for your main vehicle to tow it to places you want to ride. Riding it on the road is illegal if it is not a road legal quad bike. You can get fined and prosecuted for driving it on the road if you are caught.

How Old Is The Quad Bike?

You will also want to ask about the age of the vehicle and find out how long the vendor has had the vehicle. The older the quad bike, the cheaper it will be, but that does not mean you should find the cheapest one available. You need to ensure it has modern safety features and is fit for its purpose, which some older machines are not.

How Many Owners Has The Vehicle Had?

You will also want to enquire about how many previous owners the machine has had. This can give you an indication if it is worth buying or not. You will want as few owners as possible, which can help ensure the machine was well taken care of and maintained correctly.

Does The Quad Bike Have A Service History?

As with other vehicles, a quad bike can have a service history that will show when it was serviced and what parts were needed. When you have this, it can increase the value of the quad bike and give you peace of mind it has been well looked after during its lifetime.

Can My Mechanic Have A Look At It?

It is also worthwhile having an expert mechanic check the vehicle before you agree to buy it. So, you will need to ask the question of whether it is okay or not. If the seller is genuine and the vehicle is well maintained, they should have no issue with your mechanic looking at it to give you peace of mind. If you decide to buy it after all this, you may want to brush up on the rules that govern quad bikes, which you can do by checking your local government website.

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