Tips for Improving your Content on Social Media

Tips For Improving Your Content On Social Media

Tips for improving your content on social Media

Achieving success on social media can be pretty difficult and admit it: sometimes you just do something, without knowing if it will help you. You are working with data, words and numbers on the screen, but in the end it is the people behind them that you want to reach. And those people are unpredictable. You can still create such beautiful content, but that does not always mean that people come to it. Two messages can be almost identical, and yet it is incredibly common for one post to receive countless responses, while the other is completely ignored.

Fortunately, light is shining on the horizon and with a few psychological insights you can also boost your social media. Psychologists wrote that is also useful in social media marketing. Ultimately we can distinguish 6 psychological principles that can ensure success on your social media.

Principle # 1: reciprocity

According to Experts, a favor must be reciprocal. In other words: for what belongs what. This is also called reciprocity, something that is really imprinted on us as social beings. You cannot of course force people to respond to you. By giving something back or linking it back to your social media, you can show your human side as a company.

Give this a try: do you get likes and followers on the social media of your company? Give them back likes and also follow them. By regularly sharing posts from your fanatic followers you give them the feeling that they really belong and show that your company appreciates them. You show your human side Рsomething that most customers can always appreciate. Re-tweeting and responding to your followers will certainly benefit your image.

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Principle # 2: dedication and consistency

The way we look at ourselves has a lot of influence on how we make decisions. Successful principle of dedication and consistency fits in well with this. Once people commit to something, they usually remain consistent in their choices. They no longer deviate from their earlier decisions and in this way shape their identity. In this way self-confirmation can make them more emotionally resilient and by overcoming themselves they can become more successful.

Try this: the enormous power of social media is hidden among other things in the fact that you can get to know your followers and fans better. Take a closer look at your followers. Who are they and what are their interests? In this way you can find out how they see themselves and you can better tailor your social media messages to them.

Principle # 3: social confirmation

If we are not sure what to do, we often look at others. What do they choose? Then we can choose the same! This is the principle of social confirmation. Just consider: how often do you see that commercial websites use reviews from their customers? You may be want to rise your social profile if you buy Instagram followers from

 You not only read what others thought of a certain product or service, but also what they have ordered.

Give this a try: by working together with social media influencers in your industry you can make powerful connections. If your followers love influencers, it will not be long before they also love you and you’re shopping. It is just like at school: if you go with the cool club, you will be cool in no time.

Principle # 4: being nice and being liked

People are more inclined to say yes to people they experience as positive. People, who look good, look like us, give us compliments, work with us and associate with good things. Just like in real life, you cannot force people to like you. If you try it, it often only has the opposite effect. Therefore, stay nice and relaxed yourself and accept others as they are. Try to find similarities with each other and close the gap between the two of you.

Give this a try: people don’t like you just like that, so make sure your social media profiles look good.¬†Choose beautiful and appealing profile photos and background images and adjust your language to your target group.¬†Humor is fun and can build a good bridge between you and your followers.

Principle # 5: authority

Even if they have to go against their own conscience. However, authority does not always mean something bad on social media. Try this: are you an expert in your field?¬†Then share your knowledge on social media!¬†It indicates that you know a lot about a certain subject and your knowledge can be very useful for other people.¬†Don’t worry too much about giving away your expertise for free.¬†After all, if you don’t do it, there are often plenty of others who do and then you’d better be the one who comes across as the most knowledgeable.

Principle # 6: scarcity

The principle of scarcity shows that people only see the value of something when it runs out.¬†During the sale or with other offers you often read “As long as stocks last”.¬†It cannot be that you are fishing behind the net?¬†And so you are going to buy the item quickly.

Give this a try: by sharing certain offers or giving things away through your social media, a kind of scarcity is created. This gives your promotions an exclusive character. People will definitely not want to miss your actions and so they will continue to follow you closely on your social media.

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