Ako Stark Shares a Secret Method You Tubers to Make More Money.

Ako Stark Shares A Secret Method You Tubers To Make More Money. 1

Ako Stark Shares a Secret Method You Tubers to Make More Money. 

YouTube has changed how we think of celebrities, transforming ordinary people around the world into overnight success stories. They are often called Self-made celebrities. Of the niches that earn the biggest audiences, the most massive out there are geared toward teaching, reviewing, entertaining and inspiring others. The majority of these small-screen celebs just do what they do the best: be they and create non-staged content, making for more relatable videos for those who are watching, without too much acting going on.  While YouTube brings great value to its users, it also brings great opportunities for its creators to make money, through its platform. From Adsense to affiliate marketing and sponsored advertisement from brands, there’s a lot of money to be made if you’re savvy and your content is good.

Many smaller YouTube influencers, however, don’t get as many opportunities to make money in the same way the bigger YouTubers do. According to Forbes Ryan’s World has 23.9 million subscribers, making eight year Ryan Kaji around $22 million a year. Jake Paul, at the same time, makes $21 million, and many of the other big name YouTubers (Dude Perfect and PewDiePie, for instance) are not far off from these numbers, either.

The real question is: “How are these YouTube stars able to earn so much money?”

Is it the Adsense? Sponsored advertisements? Affiliate marketing or their own products they sell?

We got in touch with up-and-coming TiKToK star, Ako Stark, who posted a TiKToK video on February 11th, at 10 AM, talking about how YouTube influencers make more money. Commenter’s at the time called it a “gold mine”.  Stark talked about a platform called FameBit. This is an interactive company that connects influencers with brands. The company was founded back in 2013 and was acquired on October 11, 2016 by Google for $36 million. At the time of acquisition, Fame Bit had over 50,000 creators registered on their platform and Google has since merged it with their YouTube division as part of their push for better business experiences for both creators and brands.


The more influencer marketing grows as a demand within the greater digital market, the more brands are flocking to FameBit to offer sponsorship deals to YouTube creators. It is simple to sign up, although they require YouTubers to have at least 5,000 subscribers to become part of the platform. While they have other categories, the most popular are beauty & fashion

, Gaming & Apps, Health & Fitness, Pets, and Technology. You can filter out how much money you are looking to get paid, ranging from over $250 to over $5,000.

In order to get a deal with brands, you do have to put in the work: identify the brand you want to work with, send them a proposal, outline your fee, and elaborate on what kind of promotions you can do for them. Stark suggests “not to copy and paste the same proposal to different brands”.In his Tweet, Stark talked about how each brand is different and has its own unique goals. What works for one may not work for the other, and he encouraged creatives not to get lazy, instead creating custom proposals for every client they work with. “This platform rewards ethics,” commented Stark.


Stark has built more than a dozen successful YouTube channels within various niches for his clients, from local businesses to large corporate companies and personal brands. We asked him, during our interview, “Why is Fame Bit the answer for YouTube creators, though?”

“You see, back in the day, influencers had to wait for brands to approach them, first, to make money on top of their Adsense earnings. Now, they can pick which brands they want to work with. While this is in play, there are two other options for maximizing profits. One: keep making content and waiting for brands to reach out to you, based on their quality and reach. Two: identify the brands already paying other influencers to promote their products and services and pitch them your idea.

“Since option two’s brands are already working and paying others, we already know they have a marketing budget to work with,” added Stark. “They will be more receptive and you will increase your chances of landing the deal.”

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