Tips to Buy Festoon Lights Brisbane

Tips To Buy Festoon Lights Brisbane

Lights for the festival are similar to the traditional lighting fixture for the fairy. Instead of the tiny LED bulbs strung along strings they are fitted with bulb sockets small enough which, in the majority of cases, can accommodate the bulb you want. It allows you to choose between LED or Edison lights for an individual style. They concentrate on safety, and weather-resistant IP ratings, and provide great DIY lighting options and virtually maintenance-free. They are commonly found in the outdoors in pubs, breweries or music festivals. They can also be suspended between alleyways of cities. But, Festoon Lights are also suitable for home use in the backyard and on the balcony or even inside. After you’ve finished reading this article, you would have a vew on how to buy festoon lights Brisbane from experts like Fusion Lighting

Light Bulb of Choice

It’s not all about quality and durability of the strung-on lights for festoons. The choice of the best lighting bulb for the event is also a matter of thought. It’s all about the appearance and you must always think about the bulb’s shape or design. It is good to know that the festoon light comes with a variety of bulb options to pick from.


Edison bulb lights are among the most nostalgic bulbs that are available. They give off a warm and classic light that can set the mood for your backyard or at an celebration. They can be fitted with different shape filaments for an additional aesthetic appeal.


Flexible and sturdy bulbs that can be used in applications that require a robust bulb. They come in a diverse variety of styles and sizes from classic bulb shapes, with varying Wattages, to starry teardrops.


The classic style is commonly seen strung across Australian backyards on evenings in summer. These are bright bulbs which can be used to host Christmas celebrations, parties and music festivals.

Low Voltage

LED Bulbs which are constructed Polycarbonate material, meaning they are shatterproof and able to endure harsh environments outdoors. They have a low voltage, which means you’ll get an old-fashioned glow while reducing energy consumption.


  1. Teardrop

They are bulbs that have a narrow bottom and expand towards the top in the form of the teardrop. This is the most similar look to a traditional bulb that is a great choice for light fixtures that are festoon-shaped.

  1. Round

A classic shape for bulbs is based with the same style the late Thomas Edison first patented back in the 1800s. The bulb’s shape makes a perfect combination for lighting with festoons.

  1. Small Round

They are tiny bulbs that typically are used in the lights of festoon. They are able to recreate a soft glow and have a minimalist design.

Standard Voltage vs Low Voltage

All lights for festoons are not identical. The best quality ones are typically available in two voltages which are standard and low. They differ in their characteristics and depending on the hang requirements you have, one might be better in comparison to the second.

Standard Voltage

This kind of festoon light is one of the most simple to set up. They’re usually installed with a wall outlet which means that there is no need to engage an electrician. It also means that they can be put up in the event of a celebration and then stored away. They work with a range of bulbs, and are wonderful gifts.

Low Voltage

These are commercial-grade lighting fixtures that are widely used for residential and commercial applications. They focus on durability and safety as well as the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions. They can reach between 100 and 100 meters in length, and are maintenance-free.

Low voltage lighted fixtures are ideal for areas where fixtures will be used for a longer time. Their low voltage can mean less expenses and happier pockets.

IP Ratings

As with all outdoor lighting, Festoon Lights will have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. This signifies the degree of protection a light is protected from solids such as dust and liquids such as water. The more powerful the number, the more protection. When considering an IP Rating the first number signifies protection against solids and the second one indicates water protection. Always confirm a light’s IP rating prior to installing.

The higher IP-rated lights are sealed at the bottom of the lampholder. When properly sealed it creates a secure seal that prevents water from getting into the lamp and harming the bulbs. Verify the bulb seal as well as the lamp holder to make sure there aren’t any cracks.

Plan and Measure

Before buying your festival lights make sure you measure the space and hang distance. This will aid you in deciding what size of lighting you will require, or whether additional hooks, cables, or wiring are needed. Take measurements prior to shopping. It includes the size of your area as well as the height of the space, the estimation of the size you want to drop, and the length of trees. This can help you when searching and deciding which kind of ornament you’d like to purchase.

Quick Buying Tips

  • Make sure you set the lampholders with their backs in a downward direction.
  • Use cables and wires to help support long festoon cables to prevent drooping, sagging, and sagging
  • Think about low voltage lights for festoons for permanent installations.
  • Examine for IP ratings and then ask an electrician who is qualified to recommendations.
  • Plan out your hanging arrangement for festoons to figure out what best fits your space.
  • Take note of the distinctions between hanging and flush cables

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