Tips to Improve your Gold Handicap

Tips To Improve Your Gold Handicap

If you are an avid golfer who plays as often as you can, your handicap will always be on your mind and we all know that the lower the handicap, the harder it is to improve. A player that is 5 handicap, for example, might take years to reach scratch (0) handicap, and may never make it that far! We asked a golf professional for a few tips on how to improve your game.

  1. Analyse your game – Where are the areas that can best be worked on? How is your driving off the tee? Are you hitting fairway woods well? Are your long irons straight? How are your green approach shots? And let’s not forget putting. The answers to questions like these will help you to focus your efforts on making slight changes.
  2. Take lessons – The pro at your local golf club is certain to be able to make some improvements to your swing and they charge by the hour. Prior to teaching, the pro will watch you hit a bucket of balls and this gives him the information he needs to make you a better player. The pro can help golfers of every level, even fellow professionals will hire a colleague to make some recommendations.
  3. Play more – Practice makes perfect and that means the more you play, the lower your score and with an electric golf cart from a leading Thai supplier, you can manage 18 holes rather than only 9. If you live near a course, take out membership and shuffle your calendar around to make some extra time for playing golf.
  4. Consider upgr ading your Golf Clubs
    – If you have a half set of old Wilson clubs that have served you well since you took up the game, perhaps now is the time to upgrade to alloy shafts, which should add yards to your shots. Only you know how well you connect with the clubs you use and if you feel there is room for improvement, visit a golf pro’s shop and take a few hits with different brands until you find one that gels. Indeed, a new set of woods and irons can make all the difference and this is one option that is worth further investigation. Here are a few tips when choosing to play on a private or public course
  5. Use a golf cart – If you walk the course, that is going to impact your performance; best to rent an electric cart at the clubhouse and the whole group can travel together. Aside from the time you save, your energy levels are higher when you ride the buggy and that should lead to shooting a lower score. Many business people value their time highly and would never play a walking round, as the time to play is much less when you ride the gold cart.

You won’t need reminding that in order to lower your handicap, you have to hand in 3 cards with a lower score than your current handicap, so that means you need a level of consistency, which can only come from putting the time in, on both the course and the driving range. Golf is great for your physical and mental well-being, so you don’t need to feel guilty about playing so much.

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