Top 5 Italian Watches to Add to Your Collection In 2021

Top 5 Italian Watches

From Italy originated some of our favorite foods; pizza and spaghetti, even famous brands like Ferrari, Gucci, Lamborghini, Versace, and Armani. The country is known for trendy fashion, but also for having some of the most beautiful places in the world making it the ideal tourist attraction. 

But that is not all: Italy has a global reputation earning her recognition for being one of the best producers of high-quality watches. This is even recognized by large Swiss companies dealing in accessories. If you are a lover of a classy and stylish wrist watch, then you should check out these top 5 Italian wristwatches you might want to add to your watch collection.

1. Panerai Watches

These are some of the most epicurean Italian watch manufacturer brands, which accompanied Italian Navy divers on their secret underwater mission during the Second World War. Dating back to the 1860s the Panerai brand had a reputation for astounding its followers with the innovations it has been making yearly.

The Panerai Luminor and Panerai Radiomir are outstanding for their artistry and elegance, a perfect brand to add to your collection.

2. Anonimo

Anonimo watch was invented in 1997 with the decision to pay obeisance to watchmaking traditions. The vision of this inventory was to design timepieces distinguished for their mechanical attributes, with beautiful form and function.

Established by Federico Massacesi, this watch gained access to Italy’s watch industry, through the relocation of Paneri to Switzerland. Massacesi bought over the manufacturing facilities and got the watchmakers who remained in Florence to work for him.

Anonimo watches are said to be not about the company, but the individuals who wear them – going to show the value placed on you, the purchaser. This timepiece is one you would not want to miss adding to your collection, especially the Nautilo 42 mm vintage and Militare Chrono Oxidized Bronze, with their rich colors and leather straps that bespoke of trendy fashion.

3. Briel

This luxury company owned by the Binda family is notable for its marketing of eye wears, jewels, and fragrance, and leather accessories. The first brand of the wristwatch from this company was launched in 1942. It focused solely on the aesthetics and branding aspects of the timepiece.

Presently, a wide collection of watches have been offered from this outstanding company for men and women’s use – watches rated for their excellence, outstanding qualities, and elegance – just the best to be added to that collection you can flaunt with pride. 

4. CT Scuderia

Yet another remarkable watch of Italian descent, the CT Scuderia company is led by Enrico Margaritelli, a renowned CEO and founder of the company, recognized for his indelible designs and ideas in the watch industry. 

The passion that led to the invention of this watch stemmed from the ideas he had about the café racer lifestyle, vintage, and the sports racing watch designs, which he summed up to birth this masterpiece.

Collaborating with big shots in fashion industries like Armani and fossil, Enrico had shown dedication to creating remarkable designs before the establishment of his company. This paid off in the amazing and distinct designs that have constantly been produced by his company.

A particular brand of Scuderia, Alpha Tauri, or Scuderia Ferrari are some amazing designs that look alluring and fascinating brands that add prestige and style to your watch collection.

5. Gucci 

It is no news that Gucci is one of the astounding brands to reckon with in the fashion industry. This stems from the years of dedication and commitment to producing distinguishing and enrapturing pieces of fashion products that are loved over the globe.

As a well-known name and brand in the fashion industry, Gucci began its journey into watchmaking in 1997. From the onset, it was founded in Florence in 1921 and began its dive onto fame from its inception. These qualities have made this brand one of the leading brands in fashion and watchmaking respectively.

Some unique brands of Gucci watch you should not lack amongst your timepiece collections are the Gucci SYNC XXL Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Watch with Rubber Band. With a glinting steel surface with engravings of the brand name in it. The rubber band which matches stainless steel has a fitting strap that settles comfortably on your wrists.

Another brand is the Gucci G-timeless 38mm watch YA1264079, a more subtle version of this brand watch that suits you perfectly if you are not so keen on extravagance and fashion. Designed with a red and army green color, the engravings are visible from the stainless surface that compliments the straps. 

In Conclusion

The watches you wear make a great deal of impression about you in the mind of people. What better way to blow their minds than with a fashion sense switch up featuring classic Italian watches? This article can be your reference list if you are not sure which to go for. In any case, you can rest assured you will be getting the best option of what your money can buy. 

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