Top 5 Most Commonly Stolen Items in America


More people are stealing from retailers than ever before. Whether it’s a person stealing an item out of necessity or a group of criminals taking items to resell, retailer theft is a pressing issue.

What things do people steal from retailers most often? And what makes them want these items in the first place?

Keep reading for the top five most stolen items from across the country.

1. Designer Clothing

With the price tag on an item of designer clothing often steep, it’s no wonder that crime trends show these clothes are the most stolen in America.

Career criminals take designer clothing to resell in the hopes of making a profit. While it’s a frustrating loss for larger retailers, stolen designer clothing is a devastating loss for small businesses that can’t afford to replace them.

2. Laundry Detergent

Necessities are often stolen to be resold, and laundry detergent is no exception.

It’s common for criminals to steal the detergent, or what some call “liquid gold” to sell to others in need, or even deceitfully return to the store for cash. Tide is an especially popular brand targeted by thieves.

3. Razors

Another necessity item, razors are popular items to steal because they often come in packs and can be resold separately. By selling each razor on its own, criminals can make more money.

Razors are small but pricey, making them prime items for smash-and-grab thefts.

4. Designer Handbags

Similar to designer clothes, designer handbags that are worth a lot of money are often targets of retail crime.

Organized crime gangs and career criminals steal the handbags to resell them, though retailers are adding security measures to help ensure this doesn’t happen, such as security tags that are only removed once the handbag is purchased.

5. Deodorant

What makes deodorant such a popular item to steal is that it’s easy to fit into a jacket pocket, purse, or backpack.

People will always need deodorant, making it a high-commodity item that can be resold for extra money. Because it’s a popular stolen item, it’s becoming more common for retailers to lock up deodorant to help prevent it from being taken.

What Happens to the Thieves?

People of all ages and income levels are stealing valuable items these days, and retail theft is on the rise. Unfortunately, they often aren’t caught. A child stealing a comic book may go unnoticed, but organized crime gangs will attract more attention.

If arrested, they may need to pay a fine or bail bond in order to be released. Companies like Bail 2 GO help with this process to make it go smoothly.

What Other Stolen Items Make the List?

While these five stolen items are at the top of the list in terms of theft popularity, there are many other things criminals look for. Some of these include laptops, infant formula, allergy medicine and pain relievers, and expensive liquor. If an item has a high price tag or is a common necessity, it’s a popular target for smash-and-grab thefts.

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