Top Ideas for Your Car Rental at the Airport

Top Ideas For Your Car Rental At The Airport 1

Want to travel the roads freely as soon as you land in your destination? How about renting a cheap car directly after getting off the plane? Seasoned travelers and license holders: here we reveal our five tips for renting a car at the airport.

Make sure you are legally allowed to rent a vehicle at the airport

First, condition number 1 is to hold a valid national driving license or an international license required for certain destinations such as Australia or the Philippines for example. In addition, young drivers, who are also the main car rental companies, are subject to special conditions defined by each rental company. Most of the time, it will be necessary to be able to justify a year of license.

The most beautiful destinations are increasingly accessible thanks to airline offers. Buying a plane ticket has never been easier, nor has it been to book your stay in the establishment of your choice. There is still only one question you are thinking about “Should I rent a car during my trip? » if yes » Should I rent a car at the airport? How does car rental actually work? 15 passenger VAN rental is a comfort more and more requested by travelers these days and asking questions before your trip is quite often a productive approach.

Car rental allows you to visit inaccessible or difficult to reach places such as restaurants with a view from above, (forget the bus for such places). Nothing better than a car available at all times for your travels in the best conditions (heating, air conditioning, luggage space, etc.).

Renting your holiday car at the airport and paying locally is more expensive yes! Up to 20% more expensive.. but what then? You plan to have your car as soon as you arrive in town! Don’t panic, the 20% more expensive from earlier can be saved if you pre-pay online before your stay. just by doing so you will not only have your rented car at a lower price but you will know exactly what to expect on the day of your arrival.

It is true that in the majority of cases, you will find cars to rent without problems, but if you have a few preferences such as an automatic car, a two-seater or an SUV then you are not going to find what you are looking for during the date of your stay easily. Isn’t it more interesting to pre-book before setting foot on the plane?

If you are under 25, a young driver surcharge may apply. Be aware that the minimum legal age to drive a rental car is 18, but the majority of rental companies only rent from the age of 21. Conclusion, if you are under 25, find out well in adce about the general rental conditions of the signs present at the airport or consult our article on car rental for young drivers.

Do not rent at the last moment!

It is a (bad) habit of travelers to rent a car at the last moment. In the event of a getaway on a whim, it is difficult to do otherwise, but be aware that prices increase according to demand. A single watchword for saving: anticipate ! Rental cars recommends for example to make your reservation 3 to 6 months in advance to save money.

Ask for a copy of the gray card when picking up the vehicle from the rental company

In the context of a short-term rental, the car rental company owns the vehicle. It therefore holds the registration certificate showing the name and address of the tenant company. No information about the lessee of the car will appear on the gray card, but that does not mean that you can test your driving skills without limit! The rental agency obviously takes precautions: in the event of speeding, driving while intoxicated, forced passage through customs, attempted stunts or failed skids will be charged at full price (fine + administrative fees) ! In the event of an inspection, and to avoid any disagreements with the authorities, we therefore recommend that you travel with a copy of the gray card.

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