Top Selling NBA Jerseys This Season

Top Selling Nba Jerseys This Season

We have reached the month of March, and Betting on March Madness will dominate the thoughts for most basketball fans. Even though this month is usually reserved for college basketball, the NBA is still extremely popular as well.

Going to an NBA game is still a terrific experience, but fans have to be dressed correctly to get the full experience. The proper dress for an NBA game requires a jersey, and there are certain players that are the most popular to rep.

The NBA does a terrific job of keeping the top-selling jersey list updated, and the most recent reveal was at the end of January. Christmastime is obviously a big time of the year for buying and giving NBA jerseys and some of the best players in the league are very well represented.

Most NBA fans or experts would argue that there are some bright young stars in the NBA today, but some of the veterans remain the most popular. Here is a list and breakdown of some of the players that lead the league in jersey sales.

Loaded Top-Five

The NBA does a terrific job of marketing its top players, but there are certain players that don’t need much marketing. The best players in the league have a massive following with fans, and those players are the ones that sell the most jerseys.

LeBron James was once again the player that had the most jersey sales, and that’s a common theme for him throughout his career. James will likely have his number retired with three different franchises, and all three of his jerseys are popular.

Next on the list is Stephen Curry, and that’s another player that has consistently been one of the most popular players in the league. Curry has kept the same jersey number throughout his career, but young kids continue to seek out his jersey.

None of the players in the top-five were a big shock as James and Curry were followed up by some terrific players. Giannis Antetokounmp, Kevin Durant, and Luka Doncic rounded out the list of players that saw the most jersey sales.

Young Guns Are Represented

The NBA is a league in which young players can have a big impact, and that allows fans to fall in love with these young players. There are a number of young players that show up on this list, and they check in right after the top-five.

Spots 6-8 are all taken up by future stars of the league, but these players are already making a big name for themselves. Jayson Tatum checks in at number six on the list and playing in Boston definitely helps his case.

Following Tatum are two of the best young point guards in the NBA, and players that will have young kids rocking their jerseys for years to come. Ja Morant and Trae Young are in spots 7-8 on the list and they will likely continue to climb in the coming years.

Klay Thompson and Damian Lillard round out the top-10 despite each player missing significant time this season due to injury.

Barrett, Ball Make the List

The NBA released a list of 15 players back in January, and that allowed some future stars to be featured. It’s always interesting to see what young players have the biggest following, and two players are currently running away from the rest of the pack.

RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks came in at number 14 on the list and LaMelo Ball checked in at number 15. This is the first time that either player has been on this list, but it likely won’t be the last.

Wearing an NBA jersey is one fashion trend that just hasn’t gone away, especially for those fans that are going to games. The NBA jersey will never not be cool, especially when you are wearing a jersey of one of the best in the league.

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