Types of Catalogue Marketing and its Advantages

Catalogue Marketing

Catalogue marketing is a technique used by businesses to sell their goods and services. It is a proven technique to build a market and boost sales for a business’ goods or services. Retailers mention a list of products on a paper or a website with specifications, and the buyer can call or reach the outlet at the given phone number or address. One example is the BIG W catalogue, where the sellers mention what they have to offer to the customers. Even though many companies still entertain paper catalogue marketing, online catalogue marking is becoming popular these days. Below are some types of catalogue marketing:

A Single Company – A company can make its catalogue and put information on the products they sell. Companies usually adopt this technique when they have multiple products to offer.

Multiple Companies – Companies that sell fewer products can get their products on a catalogue that features similar products from different sellers. Retailers and intermediaries use this method to sell multiple company products. Customers have to place their orders with the retailers or intermediary who buy the product from the seller.

Print Catalogue – These are paper catalogues with details of the product that includes pictures and specifications of the product and seller contact numbers and address for the customers to reach them.

Online Catalogues -These have similar features as that of a print catalogue, but instead of a paper, the catalogue is sent online to potential customers.

Now that we have discussed various types of catalogues, let’s discuss some advantages of catalogue marketing:

Easy Reach – In paper-based catalogues, marketers can inform potential buyers of the products even though the potential customers might not have seen the physical outlet. It becomes effortless to reach out to potential buyers through the online catalogue as companies only have to send out an email. 

Broader Coverage – In traditional catalogue marketing, the marketer might only reach a particular locality. Covering a more significant area becomes expensive and time tasking. In online catalogue marketing, companies can send thousands of emails with one click at minimal expenses.

Tracking of Orders – One can measure catalogues’ impact as the customers would go to the website through the link provided in the catalogue or by calling the number given on paper catalogues.

Brand Awareness – New businesses can make themselves known by issuing catalogues. This move will make potential customers aware of the new brand. It is an excellent opportunity for new businesses. They can use some good pictures that contain information on how their product is different from the likes available in the market.

Niche Markets – It becomes effortless to target niche markets when one employs online marketing. Marketers can identify potential buyers and send them online catalogues.

Informing Customers of Special Discounts – Catalogues can help inform the existing customers of any new discounts available and attract new customers. Due to easy reach, companies can inform customers well in advance or the marketer can keep sending online catalogues as and when they classify new deals.

Volume Sales – Due to the broader reach to potential customers and easy intimation of discounts, sales get heightened in festive seasons. This feature helps businesses grow at a much faster pace.

Print catalogue marketing has been quite popular in the past, but online catalogue marketing is the new trend. BIG W catalogue is one example of online catalogue marketing where customers can choose from a wide variety of products. Online catalogue marketing has made it possible for businesses to expand their markets to a global level. It helps customers choose a better product and also promotes healthy competition at the same time.

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