Top 5 Things One Should Know Before Ordering Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom Printed T-shirts

The famous proverb goes as “Clothes make a man.” While it may sound superficial, there is a tinge of validity to it. The reason for this is the fact that clothes define your identity, they may serve to show your background, demonstrate your condition and in an age where individuality is exalted as it is, they serve as a form of expression displaying a kind of belonging to a particular group or a type of artistic zeal which is materialized. All this can be incorporated when ordering a custom printed T-shirt where a person according to his own needs and requirements, expresses himself.

But there are some things that you must know before ordering such a T-shirt. We’ve narrowed down the list to our top 5 things you need to know regardless of whether the shirt is going to be used as casual wear, a gift for a loved one or a uniform for a small business.

  1. The Design:

It goes without saying that the design is the most important aspect of custom printing T-shirt. A decade ago, only fashion connoisseurs were allowed to design T-shirts. Today, everyone has the ability.

Now when you are picking out the design you have to see what you want to see on yourself and what you want others to think when they see you. Supposing that you want a “Miami” printing T-shirt. You want others to see that you love Miami. Another situation could be that one of your friends loves Miami. You could get a cool custom design t shirt printed Miami and gift it to them.

The designing of custom printed T-shirts shouldn’t be limited to you and your friends, of course. If you want your employees to look cool, or more approachable or even show a sense of unity and discipline, the design which will best invoke the feeling you want to express should be picked out. To get custom design check site.

  • How many do you need?

The best thing about buying custom T-shirts, you can buy a whole closet of them! You can buy them in bulk at T-Shirt Express Ohio. Suppose that you like a particular font on a shirt. Let’s say that the font is of “Miami” printed on a T-shirt with blue letters and a swerving design right at the center of a white shirt. But you think the same Miami T-shirt would look good in black. So what to do? You order a custom printed T-shirt, of course.

Suppose you have a close friend with whom you like to wear the same clothes to show your affection. How will you go on about showing that affection? Order two custom printed T-shirts, of course.

Finally, let’s say that you open a new expresso store in your local mall. You need to visibly make your employees different from the rest and give them a sense of identity of belonging to a store. The solution? You order a bunch of custom T-shirts, of course.

If you haven’t gotten the message already, it is that you have to consider the number of people you are going to buy a shirt for. It is important to consider because option of customization gives you option to see your expression on others.

Top 5 Things One Should Know Before Ordering Custom Printed T-Shirts 1
  • Printing Methods – DTG or Screen printing:

Digital printing and screen printing are the two most commonly used printing techniques, and each one has its advantages. Digital printing, also called the direct-to-garment or DTG printing process

 has transformed how bespoke t-shirts are made. The customer uses an internet design tool to design and pick colors, adjust the size of the font or the design and place the complete design where it looks best.  All of this easily being able to be done with only superficial knowledge of a software and taste. The only downside is that the colors from digital printing can wane with time and washing. Better techniques are being discovered but they are still far from being commercialized for a small-scale apparel printing business.

On the other hand, screen printing, which used to be called silkscreen printing, is an older and more traditional printing technique. It’s better suited to large orders, like bulk orders for uniforms. Screen printing is better for items that need to be washed often because the colors and designs last longer. Another advantage of choosing this printing technique is that you get vibrant colors, including fluorescents and sparkly metallic shine.

See which one these techniques suit you better and then choose accordingly.

  • Choosing the right size:

Ever seen a kid wearing a T-shirt too big for him? Gives a Benjamin Button vibe, right? Unless, that is what the child’s parents intended, the perfect size is the best and the most comfortable. So when picking out the T-shirt, see that you have the right size. You can do so by going to the look at more info section on the website. This is simple if you are picking out a shirt for your friend but the difficulty arises when you have to pick out a uniform for a future business. In such circumstances, it would be best if you choose a variety of shirts suitable for either males or females, tall or short people, obese or thin people.

  • Washing them:

It cannot be stressed enough how important this point is. Most people don’t realize that the different between retail T-shirts and custom T-shirts, particularly the DTG ones. As already mentioned above, the colors in the DTG shirts wear away with time. So you’ll have to prolong the design by taking good care of them.  The best way to do this would be to wash them by-hand. If you have to use a washing machine, set it to the cold cycle, and use a light-weight detergent. DO NOT USE bleach and fabric softener!

Screen Printing shirts are usually pretty durable. They can be more expensive than the DTG ones but can be more expedient when there’s a bulk of them.

Final Words:

Customizable T-shirts are great! The number of options you have to customize the shirts is an excellent form of expressing oneself. It is important to mention that these tips are not limited to T-shirts but can also be helpful in the custom printing of other apparels such as hoodies, sweaters, caps etc. Hope these tips will be helpful in saving you time and money!

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