Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is when people, below the legal drinking age, drink alcohol. Many boys and girls drink alcohol in their teens. There are many reasons behind the drinking of underage people, many drink due to some sort of depression or stress. They cannot handle others’ drinks because they want to look cool and have a bad company of friends. Different countries have set different minimum legal age for drinking. In America, the legal age is 21.

How ordinary has underage drinking become?

These days underage drinking has become quite normal. It has become a very serious health problem. Recently, in high school students:

·  Nearly 1 out of 3 students are underage drinkers.

·  Nearly 1 out of 5 sat in a car with a driver drinking alcohol.

·  1 out of 20 have driven a car after drinking alcohol.

Binge drinking:

Binge drinking is:

·  In men, 5 or more than 5 drink in a row

·  In women, 4 or more than 4 drinks in a row

1 out of 10 high school students binge drink, according to the researchers. It affects your heart, kidneys, pancreas and lungs.

Effects of underage drinking:

Very serious and severe health damage can be caused by underage drinking. In America, due to uncontrolled drinking more than 3,500 underage people die each year.

Underage drinkers usually die when they drink and drive. Other experiences they face are:

·  Misuse of alcohol.

·  They can get arrested because of illegal drinking or driving while they are drunk.

·  They cause more violence while drunk.

·  They get low grades and attendance.

·  They face social problems like negligence or fighting.

·  Unprotected sex while drunk is also a common experience.

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Long-term health problems:

People that drink below the legal drinking age can face a series of health problems. Teenagers that drink alcohol can experience following health problems:

·  They can face changes in the development of their brain.

·  Disturbance in their sexual growth.

·  Alcohol addiction.

Reason behind the drinking of teenagers:

As kids enter into their late teens, they usually have to face many challenges related to their physical as well as emotional changes. A lot of young people do different experiments with alcohol.

Following are some other reasons that cause them to drink, these include:

·  Extreme depression, related to their family as well as the media.

·  Massive amount of stress, pressure about low grades, changes in puberty.

·  Parents divorcing each other, transfer into a new school or break up with someone they love or a very close friend.

If your kid has started drinking:

The first thing to do if you suspect your child or someone close to you is drinking is to stay calm and not act aggressively. Start a conversation with them. This conversation will slowly move towards a discussion about the negative effects of drinking. Try to solve their problems and ask them if they want to see a psychiatrist.

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