Why You Should Watch Strong Girl Bong Soon

Bong Soon

Do you love shows that have strong female characters? Then you’ll love Strong Girl Bong Soon. The main female character in this show is strong, literally. As in she can lift cars and fight multiple bad guys. The show also has other elements that make it a good K-Drama series. The main character in the series is Bong Soon and she is played fantastically by Park Bo Young. Bong Soon is an adorable girl. When you look at her you won’t be able to tell that she’s very strong. You might even think that she’s a helpless little girl. And there lies the best thing about the series – the contrast between Bong Soon’s appearance and her abilities. And Bo Young really did give justice to the role. You’ll fall in love with her for sure.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good K-Drama without some romance. Our heroine has a special someone and his name is Min Yuk. The role is wonderfully played by Park Hyung Shik. You’ll surely love the way Min Hyuk is smitten by Bong Soon. It’s really adorable and will make you feel all giddy inside. There’s just something about the way that Min Hyuk looks at Bong Soon that will surely make your heart jump. Here is a man who is in love with a girl who is stronger than he is. And he doesn’t care. He finds Bong Soon’s strength to be very appealing. How can you not love a man like that?

The character works of course because Hyung Shik is a very talented actor. He is also very attractive. He has a very charismatic personality. And he was able to provide his character with a good dose of charm. He and Bo Young look good together. Their chemistry is excellent. They also look together on the screen. They are the kind of couple that you’ll root for. You’ll really love the fact that they look so natural together. At times you’ll feel like you’re watching a real-life couple. It’s hard to find a couple in other Korean dramas that are as adorable as these two.

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Strong Girl Bong Soon, however, is far from being perfect. It suffers from uneven storytelling. There might even be times when you would like to give up on the series already because of the story. The writers of the show could’ve done a better job. It’s really a good thing that the two main stars of the show were great in it. The two don’t even need a script to show their talents. And the two are enough if you’re looking for reasons to watch the series. The show is funny and engaging because of the two.

If you’re looking for a funny and entertaining drama series to binge on then you really should watch Strong Girl Bong Soon. It’s a really good show. If it has a good story then it would’ve perfect. More dramas should have strong female characters that people can see and emulate.

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