Understanding CBD Percentages

Understanding Cbd Percentages

When selecting CBD products of any kind, it is super important to know what strength you are dealing with. There are many reasons that you might be deciding to buy safe, legal CBD products. You might be looking to improve your energy levels or add more antioxidants to your diet.

Perhaps you are more interested in the potential mental health benefits that are increasingly associated with CBD, such as reduced anxiety. Whatever your reason, it is always worth knowing what dose you are taking, so that you can figure out which CBD products are right for you.

This is where CBD percentages come into play. Although there is no commonly accepted way for reporting the strength of a CBD product, there are easy ways to understand the strength of any product you are taking. Read on to find out exactly what you need to know about CBD oil percentages. 

Why does Strength Matter?

You might be wondering why it is worth knowing the percentage of CBD in a canna-based product at all. For one, taking too high a dose of CBD for your body can have harmful side effects. While these are largely minor, they most commonly include extreme drowsiness, nausea, disorientation, and diarrhoea.

Obviously, these are things everyone would rather avoid, which is why it is especially important to avoid taking high concentrations of CBD if you are a first-time user. In addition, if you are treating your pet with CBD products, it is especially important to use only a small concentration of CBD, which means seeking out low-percentage products.

For yourself, you might find that a low-percentage product does not deliver the desired results, so to speak. In this case, you would benefit from taking a note and seeking out a higher percentage CBD item on your next shopping trip. 

Understanding CBD Percentages

Let’s break down what CBD percentages are all about. There is no “official” spectrum of percentages. Weaker CBD products could have as little as 5% CBD, while stronger products can have as much as 50% CBD content (this is quite extreme).

Many products do not label the exact CBD concentration of their products, so it is helpful to know how you can figure it out yourself. Let’s walk through an example. If you were to buy Harmony CBD Oils wholesale products, you might consider choosing the popular Natural Spray product.

This is a 150cl bottle with 1500mg of CBD content overall. If you divide the overall CBD content by the bottle volume, you get 11.25. This is the percentage of CBD in the product: 11.25%. 

How much CBD is Right for You?

So, how do you know how much CBD is right for you? Remember, you can always start by consulting your doctor for advice, since CBD is widely used and is legal across Europe. Those of slight build should start small, but it is good advice for anyone to begin by using low-CBD products to see how their body responds.

Of course, many people need to use much stronger products to get the desired effect. For example, someone with a high CBD tolerance would benefit from Aria CBD oils wholesale products, which feature drops with a CBD content of up to 30%. As with pretty much anything, getting the dose just right is key. Follow this handy guide to ensure you always get the optimum amount of CBD in your diet. 

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