Get real Instagram Followers Naturally

Get Real Instagram Followers Naturally

Obtain subscribers automatically for your Instagram account, without cheating and especially get real subscribers who are not bought fraudulently via suspicious sites in China in particular it is possible and I will show you how it works and especially how to adjust the tool. Automation of followers for Instagram.

What does automating Instagram mean?

We are talking about the automation of a clearly defined process for Instagram. An operation that the social network offers and that can be executed by a program that you will have to guide and configure using simple commands. You do not need to be a developer or know how to code to use this automation tool.

What can be automated to get more Instagram followers?

Automatically follow an Instagram account

Auto follow function: depending on the hashtags, the keywords of the bio, the type of photo you are going. You can only follow insta accounts that are in the same theme as yours, and that’s great to gain visibility.

Like posts

Auto like function: Automatically like posts that talk about #food or #fitness without spending several hours finding the right photo from your feed. Here the tool will like Instagram posts for you and you will have more likes and follow in return.

Automatic comments

Auto comment function: To automatically comment on several posts in the same sector as yours. You can set a lot of them according to the hashtag used for example to make the task natural. Therefore, you will generate engagement and more followers.

Private message – automatic reply

Auto Reply function: Too little used but terribly effective you can configure thank you messages if a new follower follows you, or send questions to accounts that will answer you. Therefore, it is real contacts and connection that will be born between you and the subscriber, perfect for forming partnerships.

How much does it cost to automate Instagram, what monthly price?

You already have the option of test the tool free of charge for 7 days. If you adjust the tool well you will easily have several hundred followers. Depending on your business, it is okay to start in a short week and familiarize yourself with the functions. You can collect between 300 and 500 followers if you work well with your settings. If you are an agency or want to boost more than 3 Instagram accounts from the tool, it is also possible with an offer of 75 US Dollars or 66 euros, or 22 dollars per account for 6 months as well.

Buying Instagram followers is dangerous and has clearly become unnecessary in 2021

Be especially careful if you plan to buy followers through an app for a few dollars. Here, it has nothing to do with it, I’m talking about a real automation tool that will engage real people and not robots. To make it short for you. If you go through an app to buy Instagram followers

, it smells like a scam. Know that you are going to buy fake accounts, from people who do not exist, managed from real smartphones of course but from a “click farm”

One day this business will be broke and shut down

Instagram declared war on all these services and closed several businesses, filed complaints and closed accounts, having taken care to analyze them beforehand. There are more and more articles devoted to this global fraud; I let you read the excellent article by Milie from HuffPost and you will understand why it is a bad idea to buy likes and followers for Instagram.

More Instagram followers means more engagement and more business

Now don’t panic I will show you how to put your Instagram account on autopilot to find real subscribers and followers who have the same interests as yours and who will be more able to interact and like your contents.

It is possible to configure software according to the hashtags you like, which are directly related to your brand, your content. All these subscribers are real because they are only used via Instagram according to hashtags, the number of followers, their interactions. The curve speaks for itself; here is a natural progression of increase in actual subscribers. Real Instagram accounts, a graphic that will show you how you can boost and take off your business on Instagram.

Example if you are looking to find “girls” who like “makeup ” you can easily tell the tool to focus on this type of profile and follow them and like or comment on their Instagram posts. Instagram is like all other social networks, there are bad accounts, bad people who will come and spoil you or criticize your work. You have the possibility to create a list of accounts to blacklist / avoid

Acquire new Instagram followers but also retain them over the long term

Automation is not everything, of course, I advise you to create quality content for Instagram. This is one of the first questions you will need to ask yourself in order to capture the attention of your followers. To make your subscribers want to follow you, your identity must be strong. What do you want to represent in your profile, what image do you want to give yourself of your activity, of your passion? Which name will you choose to allow you to reach the goal of 1000 followers?

Another important point, imagine the first 9 shots that will make up your Instagram feed. These nine photos must appeal to visitors so that they subscribe to you. The easier the exercise, the more it will mean that you have content to share. Make no mistake; what will make the difference between you and other similar accounts is the quality of your content. Much of your strategy will need to be based on it.

Moreover, this step is essential to get off to a good start. Once you have found your account name and have your first 9 images, continue. Do not expect good results if you do not work out. Make sure you master the Instagram algorithm, post on time, and get likes that are more natural when you have the time. In addition, you are going to have more and more people interested in your content and will build a healthy base of followers.

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