What Causes Eye Bags? Remedies and How to Prevent Them

What Causes Eye Bags? Remedies And How To Prevent Them

Have they hit once again?

Most adults develop bags under the eyes at some stage in their lives. Do you suffer from eye bags that won’t go away even though you’ve stopped working crazy hours?

Have you addressed liver and kidney function? Worked on breathing exercises? You may suffer from chronic dehydration, where the body and cells become deficient in water.

Are you disturbed by bags under the eyes in the mornings only? Eyes bags often point to sleep deprivation or hormonal imbalances. Take a look at the guide below to understand what causes eye bags and how to prevent them.

High-Salt Diet

Consuming too much salt through processed, canned or fast food can increase your body’s fluids, resulting in swollen eyes. This can cause the area around your eyes to become puffy, creating dark circles. Some natural remedies to reduce eye bags caused by a high salt diet would include exercising, eating nutritious foods, and drinking plenty of water.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day helps flush out the excess salt from your system. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium, Vitamin C, and antioxidants can also be beneficial in reducing eye bags.


Allergies can be a common cause of eye bags. Allergens such as pollens, dust, and pet dander can cause your eyes to itch, become swollen, red and cause puffiness around the eyes. Allergies can also trigger an inflammatory response, causing your eyes to swell, and that extra blood flow can often result in eye bags.

Eye bags can be easily prevented by avoiding or controlling allergens, using eye drops to reduce inflammation, and using antihistamines to reduce allergic reactions. If allergies are a major cause of eye bags, then a good idea would be to visit an allergist to help assess the potential triggers causing the allergies and treat the issue accordingly.

Allergy shots are also a popular remedy for those suffering from allergies and could be another great way of minimizing the occurrence of eye bags.

Natural Aging Process

Eye bags are a common occurrence in regard to the natural aging eyes. Essentially, eye bags are caused by a thinning of the skin beneath the eyes, creating pockets where excess fluid collects. This fluid can result in puffiness and discoloration.

While eye bags are a natural part of aging, lifestyle choices can cause them to worsen. Fortunately, there are remedies and preventive measures that can be taken to minimize eye bag formation.

Proper hydration, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and even a blepharoplasty by Dr. Hazen can all help to reduce eye bag formation.

For those with existing eye bags, the use of cooling and moisturizing creams can help to reduce puffiness, as can cucumber slices or cold tea bags placed over the eyes. In more extreme cases, medical procedures such as laser resurfacing and fillers may be used to reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Learn What Causes Eye Bags Today

Eye bags can be caused by numerous factors, including genetics, age, and lifestyle choices. The most effective remedies include getting plenty of sleep, reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, using moisturizer, and applying cold compresses.

The best way to prevent what causes eye bags is to understand the cause and practice good habits. Try drinking more water and getting adequate rest. If necessary, you can always ask your doctor for help.

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