What is an Interlock Device? What are Its Benefits?

What Is An Interlock Device? What Are Its Benefits?

An interlock device is an apparatus used in vehicles. It facilitates safe driving by preventing drunk drivers from driving. Having this device in one’s vehicle is extremely helpful and can reduce road accidents and other drunk driving related accidents.

For anyone who has questions like, “Is it worth investing in one? How does it work? What are its benefits?” Let’s read on to know more about the device and get answers to all the queries.

How Does it Work?

The device works like a breathalyser where it analyses the alcohol content in the person’s breath when they blow into the mouthpiece. If the alcohol content is higher than the level fixed in the device, it prevents the vehicle from starting. For example, in Australia, the legal blood alcohol limit for driving is 0.05%. If a driver in Australia has more than this limit, the device will consider it as ‘driving under the influence’ and prevent the engine from starting.

Sometimes the device sets random tests to ensure there has been no drinking after the first one. During those times, the driver should pull over safely and take the test. If they fail the test, the device does not shut off the engine. Instead, the system records the result and warns the driver. It also keeps a record of all the activity on the device for reviewing.

Many countries, such as Belgium, Canada, Australia, Finland, France, Netherlands, Sweden etc., use ignition interlocks. Especially for drivers who have prior drunk driving records.

Types of Interlock Devices

There are different types of ignition interlock devices available.

  1. Standard device – This is the device that tests the breath of the driver to prevent driving under the influence.
  2. Interlock with a camera – In this type, the device comes with a camera. It takes a picture during the test to ensure that the person driving is taking the test and no one else is blowing into the mouthpiece.
  3. Interlock with attached GPS – In this, the device is GPS enabled. It tracks the vehicle’s location and helps to ensure the driver is driving within their restricted area.

What are the benefits of an interlock device?

  • It prevents accidents.

By preventing a drunk person from driving, the device helps in reducing drunk driving and limits road accidents caused by driving under the influence. The device saves lives.

  • It helps repeat offenders stop drunk driving.

Many countries require people who have drunk driving charges to have an interlock device in their vehicles. Having this device helps them to prevent a repeat. Once the device detects alcohol, it shuts the engine. Thus it prevents the driver from driving intoxicated and committing repeat offences.

  • It can predict future offences.

Ignition interlock devices usually store data and keep a log of all the test results. This log can help detect patterns and see if the driver is at the risk of driving under the influence again. It can also help determine if the driver has improved and is eligible for driving privileges.

  • It helps in driving.

People who have prior drunk driving charges can get their licenses back and continue driving if they have an interlock device in their vehicle. In states where the device is not mandatory, the driver who uses it is eligible for special privileges.

  • It is affordable.

An interlock device is a good investment and can prevent accidents and damages to the vehicle. Installing and maintaining the device is also affordable. Many companies sell them for reasonable prices.

  • It puts a loved one’s mind at ease.

Having this device shows commitment to safe driving. And for people who are worried about their loved one’s safety, knowing that drunk driving is not possible puts their minds at ease and ensures peace.

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