What is Bodybuilding Growth Hormone

Bodybuilding Growth Hormone

Bodybuilding Growth Hormone: Effects, Dosage, Reviews

Growth hormones, which you can also find under the name HGH (an English acronym which means Human Growth Hormone) are an effective natural way to gain muscle mass. Indeed, many followers of bodybuilding are closely interested in these hormones, because producing more would not only delay the aging of our cells, but also boost our energy levels. It is thus found in different forms, including somatropin, which can be natural. They can also be considered as a doping substance if you participate in sports competitions. We therefore offer you today a complete guide to understanding how growth hormones work. But also why they can be interesting if you do bodybuilding and how to naturally produce more.

What are growth hormones?

Human growth hormone is a hormone naturally secreted by our body. Its main function is to regenerate our cells, especially those that make up our muscle tissue, or even our bones. It is therefore crucial to stay in good health, but also to boost our physical development, and in particular that of our muscle mass. The problem is that we do not produce growth hormone in equal amounts according to our age. As we age, the latter will indeed reduce, after a peak which is around adolescence.

Bodybuilding growth hormone: what are their effects?

You will understand, the growth hormone is especially very interesting if you want to develop your muscles. This is mainly due to its anabolic effects. Its main action will therefore be to improve your physical performance.

Anabolic action

Many scientific studies have highlighted the anabolic effects of growth hormone. The latter has a very important impact on our metabolism, and in particular on protein synthesis. This is what makes it so precious to athletes in general and bodybuilders in particular. Growth hormone also affects how our body uses its fat stores, as well as the formation of bone tissue. However, be careful to distinguish the effects of growth hormone and those of IGF. Indeed, GH (for Growth Hormone) will promote the secretion of a second group of hormones: insulin-like growth factors (or IGF). These are the latter who, once released into the blood thanks to our liver, will bind to muscle cell receptors and have an anabolic action.

The effects of growth hormone on sports performance

Another confusion that we very often make about growth hormones is how it could boost our performance. Indeed, the most important thing is not so much to focus on the quantity that we secrete (and therefore our GH level in the blood) as by the way in which we use it. The natural growth hormone is indeed secreted when we produce intense physical effort. It also depends on the quality of this effort. For example, if you do aerobic exercise, your body will secrete more growth hormone which will burn your fat stores. By cons, if you do bodybuilding, growth hormone will act on protein synthesis, which will better repair damaged muscle tissue by intense effort.

How is it used and is it legal?

As we will see later in this article, there are natural ways to influence your growth hormone levels. The first is age, but you will have no control over this factor. Others, such as training, nutrition or sleep are easier to modulate. If you do not have a medical need certified by a health care professional, you will not be able to legally obtain growth hormone. Its purchase will therefore be prohibited by law and will expose you to serious legal problems. So pay attention to the products that you can find on the Internet, especially from China or Asia.

The manufacture and use of synthetic growth hormone

The production of growth hormone has long been limited to the removal of the pituitary gland from corpses. However, it was quickly stopped after clinical tests had shown that it would promote the development of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Today, you can easily buy HGH UK online and its one of best in manufactures. The problem is that unlike testosterone which is bio identical, and can therefore be taken in pill or cream form, one can only take growth hormone by injecting it. This can be a deterrent for many people.

The type of physical exertion that you produce will have a direct impact on your growth hormone level. The two factors to consider are the intensity of your exercises, and their volume. So the more you will have a very intense training and a relatively low repetition volume (as is the case for bodybuilding), the less you will secrete growth hormone. It is indeed better to do the opposite. Likewise, some exercises are known to affect HGH much more significantly. Especially squats which have an effect 20 times greater. Generally speaking, you need to focus on those involving resistance. However, it is not recommended to have an overly systematic approach to your physical practice. It is better to vary the patterns of repetitions, series and load in order to progress continuously and to accustom your body to different hormonal responses.

Food and supplements

Your diet will also have a very significant impact on your secretion of growth hormone. The key here is insulin. Indeed, you should know that it will completely inhibit your production of GH, and you must therefore be careful not to have too high a glycemic level (if only to limit the storage of fat elsewhere). To produce more growth hormone, you should avoid fast sugars, especially before training. Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, is very interesting for maximizing your production of growth hormone. However, the rules are no longer the same after training. Indeed, an insulin spike (which can be caused by taking a recovery drink rich in carbohydrates, for example), will help maintain a higher GH level. And this for more than six hours.

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