What Is Data Wiping and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Data Wiping

Did you know that data hacks and breaches are becoming more and more common? The more technology increases and users rely on applications and websites to store their data, the more vulnerable they are to getting hacked in the future.

If your business regularly handles confidential information, then you may want to think about data wiping for your company. Here is a guide to data erasure, as well as how you can benefit from data wiping services.

What is Data Wiping?

Despite its name, data wiping does not delete your data completely. Rather, data wiping software makes your data unreadable so that hackers will not be able to interpret what they find.

When you overwrite data on your hard drives, you will not have to delete the data to make room for more information. This will allow you to re-use hard drives and potentially save a bit of money overall.

As technology has become much more accessible, the data wiping business has grown as well. It is an effort to gather all of the new information that businesses leave entrusted to servers.

Data Wiping Software

When you hire a data wiping company to help you manage your information, they will likely use a data wiping software program to accomplish the task. These programs offer a variety of services ranging from data storage to complete data management

Programs like Certus Software even include a certificate for customers that confirm their data has been wiped. This can bring peace of mind if you are concerned about sensitive information being available to hackers.

Benefits of Data Wiping

One of the biggest perks of data wiping is that it can save your company a lot of money. You will not need to buy up more storage space or upgrade our hard drives. If you have terabytes of data, this task can be incredibly expensive.

Another perk is avoiding fines and penalty fees for data breaches. When you lose valuable information, you could end up paying out customers or paying the government for lack of security. Even an expensive data wiping software may end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Finally, the main benefit of data wiping is that it protects sensitive information for both employees and customers or clients. You will likely gather social security numbers, passwords, and other forms of data that could be damaging if it were to be stolen.

Consider Data Wiping for Your Business

If your business requires lots of sensitive information, then data wiping may be beneficial for your needs. With this guide, you can determine whether or not you need data erasure and how you can use it to your advantage.

Want to learn about more ways that you can improve the security of your company? Check out our website for all of the tips and tricks you will need to make sure that all of your information is secure.

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