What is the All Seeing Eye?

What is the All Seeing Eye?

The All-Seeing Eye, also known as the Eye of Providence, is a representation of an eye that is frequently enclosed in a triangle and encircled by rays of light or glory. It is believed to symbolize divine providence, in which the eye of God watches over humanity.

The Eye of Horus

The concept of the Eye of God is believed to derive from the Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt. Horus, a god of vengeance and a symbol of royalty in ancient Egyptian mythology, is the patron saint of pharaohs. The sun and moon are his eyes. The intact sun was represented by Horus’ right eye, according to myth. The right eye possessed the ability to destroy evil and transcend pain because Horus had defeated Set. The fractured moon was represented by the left eye of Horus, which he later presented to Osiris. Horus’ left eye thus served the roles of separating good from evil and protecting bliss.

The eye on the “one-dollar bill”

The All Seeing Eye is widely known because it appears on the reverse of the dollar bill, which is depicted as the capstone of an incomplete pyramid as part of what is called “The Great Seal.” “1776” in Roman numerals is engraved on the pyramid’s base. Beneath the pyramid is a banner reading “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (Latin for “New Order of the Ages”). Above the pyramid are the words “Annuit Cœptis” (Latin for “Favors Undertakings”). Therefore, the Great Seal’s message is that America has been blessed by the Eye of Providence for ushering in a new period of history. Many people think the eye on the top of the pyr amid is associated with Freemasonry, but the eye is not a specific symbol for Freemasonry


The All Seeing Eye in Freemasonry

Years after the Great Seal’s design was finished, in 1797, the eye pattern made its first appearance in common Masonic symbology.

The letter “G” stands for the Jewish Bible of the Masons’ faith, and this symbol represents the All-Seeing Eye of God. The truth is symbolized by the ruler in the hexagram. It has a basis and is stable because it is the descending equilateral triangle. It is linked to the earth element, which is grounded and sturdy. This hexagram encourages you to step back and consider your circumstance from a distance. The bipod symbolizes an upright equilateral triangle, which stands for morality, secrecy, and keeping. It serves as a reminder to maintain composure and carefully consider all of your options before making a decision. It symbolizes a warning that God is keeping an eye on the thoughts and deeds of Freemasons.

In Freemasonry, God is referred to the grand builder of the universe, and every person is the universe’s shadow—a replica of God. This faith in the innate divinity of people is at the core of Freemasonry and is essential to the teachings and rituals of the fraternity. Freemasons think they can contribute to a better world by doing good deeds for people.


For many people who have experienced difficulty, the All-Seeing Eye has served as a source of inspiration. The All-Seeing Eye has often served as a metaphor for lost people’s direction. The All-Seeing Eye is a representation of safety for those who are in danger. The All-Seeing Eye is a representation of affection for lonely individuals.

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