What Is the Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud

Are you looking for a more efficient way to store business data? If so, cloud computing should be right up your alley. Studies show that the market expects a 16.3% growth rate for cloud computing platforms.

With global digitization nowadays, more businesses are falling prone to cyber threats. That’s why the cloud is the best option you have to store data.

Want to know which cloud computing platform is right for you? Here’s why Google Cloud should be your first choice.

What Is Google Cloud?

Google uses its infrastructure and security system in its cloud computing platform. Its built-in features keep your infrastructure, applications, and data safe from cybercrimes. With Google Cloud, you don’t have to worry about fraud and spam activities.

Google Cloud Platform Services

Google Cloud offers several valuable features to help you improve business flow and efficiency. Continue reading to discover the principal services Google cloud offers.

1. Compute Engine

Compute engine refers to an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) hosting virtual machines. It replaces common network assets with cloud-based servers. GCE performs cluster computing where connected computers work as a single entity.

An IaaS allows users to run applications and services using Google hardware, too.

Using the Google Compute Engine can also help you reduce costs compared to other cloud providers. While others may charge per minute, Google cloud charges its user per second used.

2. Storage

Google Cloud offers different types of storage for its users. It includes persistent disks, filestore, and cloud storage. All services provide scalable and secured online storage.

The virtual machines use persistent disks as it provides block storage. It keeps data in fixed-sized blocks that appear as a separate hard drive. Persistent disks generate a unique address to identify each block.

Filestore uses disk storage that allows system development. It protects your data using snapshots and backups. Moreover, filestore reduces the delay for storage operations.

Cloud storage also offers fine-grained permissions. This means you can control which team members have access to sensitive business information.

3. DevOps Service

DevOps refers to practices combining software development and operations. It allows organizations to deliver workloads faster than the standard software development process. With this, the Google Cloud incorporated DevOps services into the platform.

GCP DevOps services include creating, storing, and deploying applications. It aims to boost delivery speed and improve the stability of the software.

4. Networking

Google Cloud Platform provides its users with networking tools. It makes the managing and scaling of the network easy. Networking tools include virtual private cloud and cloud interconnect.

Google Cloud VPC is a sharable and transparent networking service. It offers flexible control and scale in connecting workloads in different regions. Using VPC allows you to scale the IP address space without workload shutdown.

You can transfer data between a private and VPC network using Cloud Interconnect. It allows you to access the IP addresses of the network, which offers a fast connection.

What You Need to Know About Google’s Cloud Computing Platform

If you’re a small business, you can’t go wrong with Google’s cloud computing platform. It allows you to compute, store data, and develop applications, improving business performance.

Google Cloud is a great start to helping your business flourish, but you shouldn’t stop here! For more great guides, check out our other blog posts!

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