What might a House and Land Package do for your Lifestyle?

What might a House and Land Package do for your Lifestyle?

A house and land package can provide numerous lifestyle benefits for homebuyers.

There are two types of purchases you can make from this process, buying the land then finding a builder to design and build a new home, or buying a ready-built property, also known as a “turnkey” property.

A turnkey house and land package is ready to be moved into straight away, with landscaped gardens, driveway, flooring and finished details. You know exactly what you’re buying which can make it easy to determine if the house will suit your lifestyle needs. If you’re wanting to build a new home, this allows you to work with the builder to design a home that fits your lifestyle and budget.


Your budget will impact the home you buy, however, buying a house and land package can be an affordable way for homebuyers to get into the property market.

Buying the land and house together as a package can provide savings while knowing the upfront price model of a house and land package offers the peace of mind of paying one fixed price.

Securing finance for a house and land package can be easier and less complex as you will apply for a single loan as opposed to two (a loan on the land and the house). Having a combined loan can also help you get the best rates possible.

If you’re buying a house and land package to build a new home, your builder will provide a list of inclusions, so you can have a clear understanding of what fits within your budget. Make sure to confirm anything that is considered an extra cost, so you don’t get caught out with any surprises and risk going over your budget.

Design a home to suit your needs

If you want more input into the design of your home, a house and land package may be a good option. You can buy the land, then work with your builder to design a home that you love and suits your lifestyle needs.

Your lifestyle will impact the size of the home you need, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re a first-time buyer and are just starting, you may only need a small house, whereas if you’re buying a house for a family, either now or in the future, you may want a bigger home with more space.

You also may need a bigger home to cater to your hobbies or a large backyard if you have pets.

Talk to your builder about what you need from your home design, or if you’ve seen any features you like within Clyde North display homes, and they can help design a house that suits your needs and budget.

Find a great location

Buying a home in the right location can provide you with the lifestyle you’re after, with different suburbs often suited to certain lifestyle advantages.

There are many house and land packages available in highly sought after locations, nearby shops, cafes, parks, public transport and schools. When choosing a house and land package, pay attention to the surrounding neighbourhood to ensure the area caters to your interests, family needs and lifestyle.

Check accessibility to amenities and services you want and need, and how far you may need to travel. If you live an active lifestyle you may want to buy in an area close to parks, sports centres and gyms. If you have children, you may want to be aware of the schools and childcare centres in the area.

Proximity to public transport may be a determining factor, and the time and distance it will take you to commute for work or leisure.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to buying a home, but house and land packages are a great option for any homebuyer.

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