Why You Need CIMS Certified Commercial Janitorial Services

Why You Need CIMS Certified Commercial Janitorial Services

If there was one thing that everyone is paying more close attention to during the COVID pandemic, it’s cleanliness. It’s not something your business can ignore. As businesses reopen, employees and customers alike want where they work and visit to be clean and safe.

But rather than adding responsibilities to your employees or going through the hassle of doing it yourself, why not hire a CIMS certified janitorial service to do it for you? 

Outsourcing your janitorial needs has some incredible benefits. Read on to discover what a CIMS certified janitorial service can do for you. 

Impress Your Customers

A customer’s first impression of your business matters. 66% of customers won’t give a business a second chance after a poor first impression. A clean business allows you to put your best foot forward.

A properly cleaned workplace and will be more welcoming to customers. It shows you care and are professional. These things make your business more desirable to work with or buy from. 

Save Your Business Time and Money

Without a cleaning service, your employees will have to take time to do it themselves. So they will take time away from productive tasks or have to stay late to ensure the workspace is as clean as possible. Time off-task is time they could be spending that will make you money. 

With certified janitorial services, you won’t have to worry about buying cleaning supplies or paying your employees overtime. In the long run, the benefits can outweigh the cost. 

Keep Your Business in Working Order

If you properly maintain things like your flooring, it will last longer. So, you won’t have to spend money to renovate your business to keep up your professional image. 

Equipment that is regularly cleaned is less likely to malfunction or break. So, janitorial services can save you the headache caused by technical difficulties. They also help you avoid the cost of replacing parts or expensive equipment.  

CIMS Certified Cleaning Services Are More Thorough

Although your employees know their workspace, there are still things they can miss that require cleaning. They aren’t experts, and unless you buy specialized cleaning equipment, your workplace won’t be as clean as you may want. 

CIMS stands for Cleaning Industry Management Standard. CIMS certified janitorial services must follow strict cleaning standards for proper use of cleaners and equipment. As a result, they are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Cleaning tasks like cleaning carpets are time-consuming. So they are something a janitorial service can take care of easier than your employees. If you want to see all the services a CIMS certified janitorial service can provide, visit https://tcsvcs.com/.

Keep Your Business Spotless

It’s more important than ever before that your business maintains its cleanliness. It not only impresses customers but helps protect your employees and makes them happier and more productive. Between the benefits and cost savings, hiring CIMS certified janitorial services can help any business. 

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