What You Should Know About 1V-LSD


What is 1V-LSD?

1V-LSD (1-valeroyl-lysergic acid diethylamide Hemi-L-tartrate), also known as “Valerie.” It is the newest lysergamide and prodrug derivative of LSD to enter the research chemical market. In contrast to 1P-LSD, 1V-LSD has a valeroyl group attached to the indole nitrogen in place of a propionyl group. It is easier to study the novel chemical’s potentially unique pharmacokinetic characteristics.

1V-LSD is a perfect substitute for the standard micro dosing product, 1cP-LSD, and is rapidly gaining favour within the health and self-development communities. You can buy this product on Chemical Collective.

How does a 1V-LSD function?

The pharmacological action of 1V-LSD is identical to that of regular LSD-25, and its primary mechanism of action is a partial agonist of several 5-HT receptors. These receptors, also called serotonin receptors, are in charge of joy, optimism, and connection sensations. The agonism of the 5-HT2A receptor is the primary source of the psychedelic effects of 1V-LSD, so get it from Chemical Collective.

The dopamine and norepinephrine receptors are also effective sites for LSD. One could hypothesise that this is why 1V-LSD (and other LSD derivatives) frequently result in changes in the user’s psychological state that last much longer than the acute psychedelic experience.

History and Legal Status

The substance first surfaced as a “research chemical” on the underground market in the summer of 2021, allowing users to avoid laws that would otherwise make its usage unlawful. Its creation or development has never previously get documented in history. The DEA may have anticipated the 1-alkylated lysergamide derivatives to circumvent the legislation in1988, similar to the goals of 1V-LSD production. In the US, the legal status of 1V-LSD is murky. Theoretically, it might be regarded as a prodrug of LSD under the Federal Analogue Act, making manufacturing and possession illegal.

What impact does 1V-LSD have?

So how do we truly feel after using 1V-LSD? Since it is still early, there aren’t many trip reports, and since 1V-LSD hasn’t been the focus of any clinical investigations, we must rely on the few reported subjective experiences. There are several typical effects of 1V-LSD that you may frequently anticipate, although trip reports can vary (as is always the case with psychedelics):


At low and high doses, almost all users report feeling somewhat stimulated. The user may feel the need to run, stroll, dance, or otherwise physically exert themselves by this felt boost in drive and energy levels.

Increased sense of humour/random bursts of laughter

Users frequently describe laughing uncontrollably and noticing humor and absurdity in aspects of life typically considered “normal.”

Strengthened sense of connection

Some users claim to feel closer to their environment. Additionally, some people lose the ability to tell themselves apart from the outside environment (especially at greater doses).

Increased self-reflection and analysis

Numerous users claim that 1V-LSD enables them to perceive themselves and their lives from a different (perhaps more detached or external) perspective. It might be upsetting to some people if they come to some sobering realisations. Although the majority of people often state that these insights are generally helpful and pleasant life experiences.

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