When Is the Best Time to Visit Ohio?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Ohio?

Are you looking to explore world-famous art museums and national parks? How about cities full of history and delicious places to eat? You don’t need to head to the East or West Coast to see all of that—you just need to visit Ohio.

Located in the American Midwest, the Buckeye State has more to offer visitors than many people realize. That said, someone who visits Ohio in November will have a very different experience than someone who goes in May. 

So when is the best time to visit? Today we’re going to answer that question and many more. 

Read on to learn more. 

Destination Matters 

While Ohio might seem like a homogeneous state, its different areas vary wildly from one another. Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland are the largest cities. Despite being in the Midwest, all of them are cosmopolitan and great for travelers of all types. 

Ohio borders Lake Erie to the north. Cleveland sits on the lake, but scattered around it are dozens of small towns and hamlets. These provide you with a completely different experience than what you’d get from one of the cities. 

Nestled around all of these cities and towns are national parks, such as Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Spend some time researching what Ohio has to offer. Once you decide on a place, you’ll have an easier time deciding when to visit! 

Choose Things to Do in Ohio

On top of the places you want to go to in the state, you’ll also have to consider what you want to do. Your activity list will further determine when you should visit Ohio. 

If you want to visit museums, galleries, and historical sites, visiting any of the three major cities is a good idea. As most of the sites inside the city are open year-round, there’s no wrong time to go. 

Are you planning a trip to Cleveland and looking for some recommendations of what to do? Check it out

However, remember that Ohio also has many beautiful natural sites as well. If you plan on getting outside, make sure you know what weather you can expect (more on that later). 

High Season vs. Low Season

As with any place, Ohio has a high season and a low season. Both of these periods come with pros and cons. 

When the weather heats up during the balmy summer months, people come from all over to explore Ohio’s cities, hike its national parks, and relax on the beaches of Lake Erie. This means higher prices and larger crowds.

The rest of the year is the low season. During this time, prices are lower, and most of the crowds are gone. However, the weather can also be unpredictable, and in some cases, not enjoyable. 


So what can you expect in terms of weather? Let’s take a look at which season has to offer. 


As with much of the Midwest, the first half of spring often feels like an extension of winter. Temperatures remain chilly, while precipitation (both frozen and wet) seems never-ending. However, a shift occurs sometime around April.

Around that time, the leaves start to open back up, and the weather becomes lovely. Local Ohioans begin to flock outside to make the most of the warm weather, and travelers arrive to explore the national parks. 

Consider visiting Ohio in April or May if you’re looking for decent weather, affordable prices, and smaller crowds. 


Summer brings hot and humid weather that some people might find to be too much. However, it’s a great time to get out of the city and see some of the state’s many natural wonders. 

Make a trip up to the shores of Lake Erie to swim and relax on the beach. Hike around Scioto Trail State Park near Columbus, or go camping at Great Seal State Park. 

While the rates might be higher and the crowds larger, summer is a fantastic time to visit Ohio.


If you’re looking to beat the heat, the cold, the crowds, and the higher prices, fall is one of the best times to travel to Ohio.

From late September to mid-November, Ohio is a sea of gold, orange, and red. Leaves change and tumble to the ground, covering streets in the cities and trails in the countryside.

You can even choose to partake in some fun fall activities. From corn mazes to bobbing for apples and drinking fresh cider, there’s no shortage of fun activities to do in autumn. 


Depending on what sort of weather you enjoy, winter in Ohio can be a dream or a nightmare. If you’re looking to get outside and explore cities and trails, winter probably isn’t the best time. The weather is cold, windy, and often wet. 

However, if you don’t mind staying indoors most of the time, winter can be a great and affordable time to visit. Consider exploring museums, botanical gardens, and other areas that don’t require you to step outside.

If you’re into winter sports, winter is, of course, an excellent time to visit. Ohio boasts some fantastic spots for skiing, snowboarding, and visiting winter festivals.  

Choose the Right Time to Visit Ohio

While many people pass it up for other, more popular destinations, the truth is that Ohio has so much to offer. However, not everyone will enjoy the Buckeye State throughout the entirety of the year. Part of the enjoyment in visiting is how you visit; Whether you are looking for the best Harley-Davidson bikes for women to take on the open road or are paying for first-class tickets to get there, one of the best parts of the destination is the journey to get there.  

Use this guide to help you plan the right time to visit Ohio. 

Are you looking to learn more about things to do in Ohio? How about other places? If you are, make sure to check out the rest of our site for more helpful guides and tips. 

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