Where do They Hire without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions?

Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience

Income without work experience – it’s not just strange offers from the Internet. We tell you about real jobs where you can earn without experience and education.

There are plenty of jobs where you don’t need experience. The market for entry-level positions has grown by 22 percent in the last year alone.

Of course, you can’t just start designing spaceships or treating people. But you can deliver orders or meet customers. And at the same time receive a good salary from the company conveniently and reliably. To do this, try check stub template. In some areas, employers are willing to teach you everything you need.

For some professions, an employee’s personal qualities are more important than a past career or education. This year, the top expectations of employers included these characteristics:

  • Responsibility – 22%.
  • Commitment – 10%.
  • Stress resistance – 10%.
  • Friendliness – 9%.
  • Responsiveness – 7%.
  • Active position in life – 6%.
  • Accuracy – 6%.

We have compiled a list of the best professions for newcomers this year, based on reports on the state of the labor market from different years and offers.

1. Waiter

Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 1
Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 6
  • The main requirements: neatness, politeness, cleanliness.
  • Salary in US: is $34,337 + tips.

This is the most popular request of employers – 4% of all job openings for newcomers. There are many jobs with a flexible schedule: weekend waiter, waiter on the night shift. This is a physically intensive job, which means that strong legs and comfortable shoes are a masthead. All meals are offered at the company’s expense. A nice bonus of this profession is tips.

2. Courier

Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 2delivery man holding pile of cardboard boxes in front. copy space
Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 7
  • Basic requirements: a smartphone, punctuality, responsibility.
  • Salary in the US: $23508 per year.

The perfect job for those who hate sitting in an office. In addition, you build your schedule, a luxury that even white-collar workers do not have. You also control your salary level: more orders – higher income. You can get an official job without interviews or CVs but in the application. In the same application to respond to orders from customers – their courier selects himself. Earnings can be received by the deadline negotiated with your employers.

3. Sales Manager

Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 3
Where Do They Hire Without Work Experience: 5 Popular Professions? 8
  • Basic requirements: sociability, the ability to achieve results, basic knowledge of the PC.
  • Salary in the US: $72329 per year + percentage of sales.

The sales field is growing faster than others: there are a lot of jobs in the U.S. where you don’t need experience. The duties of a sales manager are to look for new customers, to remind long-standing customers of the product, and to conclude contracts. Usually added to the salary is a percentage of transactions or a bonus for the accomplishment of the plan. There are also offers of remote work: customers can also be called from home. The employer usually provides information about the product and client base. Often given scripts – scripts for a conversation with the client, which is collected pushing to buy the phrases and work off objections:

– Your place is expensive!

– And what are you comparing it to?

4. Sales Consultant

  • The main requirements: friendliness, responsiveness, politeness.
  • Salary in US: $59,216 per year + bonus.

The main tasks are laying out merchandise, advising customers, and working with the cash register. Yes, all the time on your feet and in contact with nervous customers. But they get a bonus for working on public holidays. And another plus: salespeople get discounts of up to 50% on the store’s products. Get a job where you like the product, then you can buy your favorite brand-name sneakers cheaply or more quickly afford your latest smartphone. To keep customers in a hurry to leave, stores create a pleasant environment: it’s warm, music plays, and smells good. And that means it will be comfortable to work there as well.

5. Administrator

  • The main requirements: a pleasant appearance, sociability, the ability to find an approach to the client.
  • Salary in the US: $61,418 per year.

Administrators are needed wherever you need to greet customers with a friendly smile: in restaurants, fitness centers, hostels, beauty salons. But smiling alone won’t do the job: you have to accommodate guests, put clients on a schedule, and advise them on services. If you like communication, this job will not bore you. At the same time, you need to be able to be sympathetic to other people’s whims. This is called client-oriented: if a guest says that the chair is hard, and the water in the glass is too wet, the administrator must help solve the problem. But customers can also be pleasant – from time to time, receptionists get tips for their work, too.

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