Where do Best Mail Order Brides Live: Top 5 Countries

Where do Best Mail Order Brides Live

To develop a close relationship with a partner, you should strive for a person who not only understands you but is also able to adapt to your temperament. Compatibility is determined by how a couple manages to cope with conflicts and emotions. In any close relationship, a disagreement of opinions is inevitable, therefore, the ability or inability to find solutions together affects whether you feel happy or happy or not. This is why it is important to figure out your priorities in regard to your future wife, and the country of origin has a huge impact on the mentality and character of a woman, her upbringing is crucial. So today, if you are interested in mail order brides, let’s look at the top 5 best countries to consider when looking for a wife.

Russia and Ukraine

If we talk about the countries in which the most beautiful girls in the world live, of course Russia and Ukraine immediately come to mind. Slavic girls have always been considered the most beautiful. If we argue that beauty is a mathematical equation of symmetry and proportion, then these women fit this diagram perfectly. The proportional faces of beauties of Slavic origin with bright eyes and high cheekbones are what makes guys really go crazy. However, it is not only the facial features that make the Eastern European ladies look so stunning. From the point of view of their physique, they also correspond to the concept of ​​the ideal woman, with a beautiful body without a ounce of unnecessary fat. The number of striking beauties there is simply exceptional.


The most beautiful girls in the world can also be found in Italy. How Italians do it, despite eating so much delicious food remains unexplained. Regardless, the mystery of their beauty lasts forever. It is most likely some kind of beauty gene that could be described as follows: attractive body, brown hair and eyes, dark skin and Monica Bellucci’s face. With their extraordinary confidence and style, Italian women are natural conquerors of men’s hearts.


The beauty of Lithuanian girls is a wonderful blend of Scandinavian features and a Slavic look that makes the women of this small country look absolutely gorgeous. There is even an interesting legend about the unimaginable beauty of Lithuanian women. Obviously, during the Inquisition of medieval Europe, beautiful women, causing male lust and a threat to the stability of families and society, were considered witches and were executed. Whether it’s genetics or not, girls in Lithuania are amazing.


Among Asian countries, Japanese girls are definitely the most beautiful. Although the image of the Geisha is already perceived as an anachronism today, a strong sense of beauty, charm and respectful behavior remains very strong in Japanese society. Pale skin, thin body, great makeup and hairstyle as well as their style are what distinguishes girls in modern Japan.


Brazil’s amazing diversity of people makes this gigantic country home to some of the most striking beauties in the world. Be it a European-looking slender blonde, a dark brunette with an exotic appearance and skin color, an African-looking girl, or a combination of all of these, Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. This overwhelming concentration of gorgeous women in one country is the effect of racial mixing of local peoples with Europeans, Africans, Japanese, and Chinese.

Look for a woman that will make you happy. And be able to give her that happiness and love back, cherish and value the love of your life.

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