Why are Sanitary Bins Important for Your Workplace?

Why Are Sanitary Bins Important For Your Workplace? 1

Hygiene is a significant concern when it comes to using public restrooms. More often than not, women find it difficult to adjust to facilities owing to a lack of cleanliness and a waste disposal system. 

But with the installation of sanitary bins at restaurants, cafes, malls, gas stations, and other similar locations, we can easily overcome such challenges. However, most places still provide nothing or fix a metal box on the wall. 

In 2022, the female hygiene sector will be worth US$262m. As the segment gains more traction, there will likely be a positive change in women’s health and safety. 

Here are 4 reasons why installing a sanitary bin in your workplace is necessary. 

Maintains Optimum Hygiene Levels

Regular dustbins can possess health threats even if they are regularly cleaned out. Such bins can open the way for surface-to-person transmission of viruses or infections. But with sanitary bins, you get a lift-flap mechanism that suits your workplace ideally. 

Such bins are also fitted with antibacterial liners to prevent 99% germ presence. As a result, you get a safe restroom free from any toxic microorganisms or bloodborne pathogens. Mothers can use it to dispose of nappies or other waste items. 

Prevents Plumbing Issues

The absence of a sanitary bin can force the women to flush down tampons or pads. It has been noted that women would instead not leave the waste behind in open containers or the floor. While such a step may be beneficial from a cleanliness point of view, it certainly causes great harm to the plumbing system. 

Therefore, installing proper bins will help reduce significant maintenance costs or chances of restroom flooding. As a result, your facilities will remain in the best working conditions w ith no expensive measures. 

Improves your Social Discourse

Most people who enter your workplace judge it by the cleanliness and organisation level. Regardless of how spotless your premise is, it is not worth the effort if the restroom isn’t in optimum condition. 

The facility of sanitary bins will imply your active contribution towards women’s health awareness. Doing so will help you fight menstrual taboos and make working environments friendly for women in male-dominated industries. Additionally, you will see a stark rise in the company’s reputation. 

Prevents Injuries 

While trash cans contain disposal matter, you can use them to get rid of hazardous waste at some point. People often leave behind broken glass pieces, razors, needles, etc. Such items can pose a danger to the workplace. If mishandled, sharp edges can cause injury to any maintenance worker. 

With sanitary bins, you receive locked steel storage units that comply with the user and environmental safety guidelines. Therefore, such bins are an ideal option for all sorts of medical clinics or laboratories. 


Period poverty and environmental degradation have brought a lot of attention to the usage and disposal of sanitary products. 

In most public places, women’s restrooms aren’t very hygienic. The female population faces a lot of trouble trying to discard menstrual waste products like pads or tampons. With the installation of sanitary bins, such problems can be dealt with in an organized way. 

Such bins will prevent odor and germ accumulation in the washroom. As a result, you will have to spend less money on maintenance. Additionally, it will also contribute to your workplace’s positive reputation. 

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