Why hire a public insurance adjuster?

Why Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance companies employ trained representatives to minimize company exposure. Often times, the insurance company will submit offers for amounts less than what it is required to pay you for your loss. We make sure that the insurance company knows that we are in favor of the insured. We will not allow a settlement of the claim to be agreed for a sum less than what you should receive. Let our knowledge of the insurance claim process coupled with our extensive experience meet your needs.

What is a public insurance adjuster?

A public adjuster canada plays an advocacy role for the insurance policy holder throughout the insurance claim process. Public adjusters only work for the insured and should not be confused with the insurance company or independent adjusters who work for them. These professionals, such as those you will find at Gables Insurance Recovery, are trained and licensed to assess, evaluate, prepare, and negotiate various types of residential or commercial property damage.

Our property adjusters will take care of the following:

  • Review and evaluate actual insurance coverage as defined in the insurance policy. This sets an ideal framework for devising the best possible strategy.
  • Assist the insured to satisfy the conditions of the insurance policy in order to meet the established deadlines and damages requirements.
  • Define and evaluate the losses, which includes making an estimate of the damages, the contents, the obstruction of the commercial activities and all the additional expenses in relation to the loss.
  • Represent your claim before the insurer.
  • Negotiate the best settlement for the claim.
  • Keep you informed during the claim process.

How Public Insurance agent works?

After a traffic accident, for example, the car expert must inspect the damaged vehicle. He assesses the general condition of the car and tries to assess its price before the accident. He searches very precisely for the causes of the incident, by questioning the driver and the mechanic. He must be attentive to defects or anomalies and must determine who is responsible. He finishes his work by writing a report that he submits to the insurer who will decide whether or not to take charge of the repair work.

Where does he practice?

The insurance expert travels to the claims or to the mechanics to inspect, for example, damaged vehicles. He performs administrative tasks in his office: mail, reports, etc.

The insurance expert can either work in an appraisal firm, run by experienced insurance experts, who themselves hire junior experts, or in an insurance company, even if these do the most. often call on outside firms to guarantee their integrity.

Our role in the claims process insurance is:

  • Evaluate your existing policy to determine what coverage may be applicable to an insurance claim.
  • Make recommendations to improve your current policy to ensure you have the best coverage for your situation.
  • Any policy change is made by the policyholder’s insurance agent.
  • Determine the appropriate values ‚Äč‚Äčto resolve all covered damages. Negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured.
  • Perform an insurance policy inquiry and inspection of the policyholder’s property to identify any damages that the policyholder may not be aware of at the time.

Canada Public Insurance Adjusters have the knowledge and skills to work with insurance companies to ensure that the policyholder gets the maximum amount of reimbursement not only for easy-to-see damages but also for hidden or unknown damages.

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