Why it’s Helpful to use a Bong When Smoking Marijuana

Why it’s Helpful to use a Bong When Smoking Marijuana

A bong is a pipe used for smoking marijuana that has been dried and cured. The bong is comparable to a one-hitter but has higher capacity and one or more specific filters built into the design alongside the joint, and the brownie is one of the most well-liked cannabis consumption methods. Water pipes, bings, Billys, bingers, bubblers, and hookahs are all examples of bongs. Shabongs, also known as water pipes, are essentially pipes for smoking dried and cured marijuana. They are often constructed of Glass and come in very conventional shapes. It is comparable to a one-hitter but has a larger capacity and one or more unique filters built into the design.

A bong provides the smoothest smoking experience possible. The concept of smoking via water is nearly as old as the smoking tradition itself. But why did people decide to create a novel method of ingesting medicinal herbs? Check out cannabis seeds for sale.

Here are the benefits of using bongs


Cannabis can irritate the throat when inhaled, one of the main drawbacks of taking marijuana by combustion (smoking). Hot smoke causes an uncomfortable burning sensation when it enters the lungs through other smoking methods, which might dissuade beginners (or people who are not used to smoking). You get a smoother hit from a bong because the smoke cools down in the bongwater before you inhale it. Indeed, you’ll occasionally cough when using a bong, but smoking is far, far unhealthy compared to bong use.

  1. It offers better filtration.

Any burning material releases carcinogens. Unfortunately, a bong can’t get rid of all pollutants and carcinogens. However, since they are filtered by the water in a bong, utilizing one can significantly limit the number of dangerous substances that enter your lungs. Water also eliminates harmful combustion byproducts like tar. One of the most unpleasant features of herb smoking is swallowing a sticky piece of ash, as any seasoned smoker will confirm. When using a bong, the ash and tar residue is kept in the water, not your mouth. You should equip your bong with an ash-catcher attachment if you want to consume marijuana even more cleanly.

  1. It reduces bacteria and mold.

Bongwater traps bacteria and mold to limit the number of microorganisms you breathe. Users of cannabis frequently share joints, pipes, and bongs, which spread diseases. A few of these impurities pass through the water rather than through your lungs with a bong. To maximize its advantages, you should replace the water in your bong between smoking sessions. A weekly thorough clean with Epsom salt and alcohol is also a smart option. To avoid sharing more often than your high if you use a bong, you might wish to clean the mouthpiece with an antiseptic solution between each user.

  1. You get bigger hits

Many expert stoners prefer to use glass bongs. Why? Users may take a big rip using this strategy alone. You could conceivably put all the smoke in the container and take a single hit. It takes a few bong hits to start the party.


In addition to being practical, bongs make great conversation starters. Glass is a robust and adaptable material available in many hues. And Glass is moldable so that artists may create creative bongs in a limitless range of forms.

Types of bongs

There are several methods by that modern bongs may filter smoke.

The smoke is filtered using water in standard bongs.

A super-smooth hit is made possible by ice bongs, which further chill the smoke. Inside the tube of these bongs are notches that capture ice cubes that are melting.

Recyclers: Recycling bongs use a two-chamber design to cool down the smoke from marijuana.

Percolators add a layer of cooling and filtration. Various mechanisms are available, including inline, tree, showerhead, and honeycomb-style percolators.

There are certain benefits to all of this additional filtering. Let’s examine some of the advantages of utilizing a bong.

In conclusion, smoking marijuana doesn’t have to be boring. Bongs make it more fun, and you experience the smoothest smoking experience.

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