Why Pit Bulls Are Actually Super Friendly

Why Pit Bulls Are Actually Super Friendly

Poor Pit Bulls, their breed gets a bad rap and many people think they’re mean, aggressive dogs that aren’t good for children or visitors.  And while it’s true they’re intended use is for guarding detail, they are actually quite docile, loving animals.

Shady Human Involvement

Part of the reason why they receive such a reputation is because humans have used and continue to use them in dog fighting matches.  Plus, there are many people who squelch on their responsibilities and love the idea of getting a Pit Bull but don’t put in the necessary work to keep it happy.

This leads to neglect, mistreatment and abuse of the dog.  In reaction, the dog becomes abnormally aggressive and will attack anyone.  But, it’s important to remember that this kind of thing can happen with ANY dog that isn’t cared for right.

Nanny Dogs

Actually, it used to be that people employed Pit Bulls to be nanny dogs for their children.  They’re very easy to train and always willing to please their family.  They show their happiness by cuddling on the couch and giving you a big, sloppy kiss.

Independent but Social

Unlike Alaskan Malamutes or Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls can handle being alone and left to their own devices.  But, as with any dog, you can’t leave it alone for too long or it will engage in destructive and sometimes violent behavior.

Many wouldn’t think it, but Pit Bulls desire lots of love and affection from their owners, regardless of their ability to be independent.  They relish in positive reinforcement and rely on people to reassure them.  Pit Bulls always want to know they’re doing the right things.

In fact, they’ll warm up to anyone who rubs their belly and scratches behind their ears.  This includes visitors, friends and other people who don’t live in the household.  But, they are guard dogs, so they will need socialization with new people.  As a general rule, if your Pit Bull knows you’re okay with someone, they will be too.

Giving them What They Need

When a Pit Bull gets enough exercise every day, plenty of room to move about, receives tons of love and has a proper diet, Pit Bulls can be one of the friendliest dogs you’ve ever encountered.  Their disposition and temperament lends itself to being calm.

But, make no mistake, if they feel threatened or if they see someone hurting their family, they will defend with the utmost ferociousness.  They’ll even sacrifice their very lives, if necessary.  It’s no joke, you do not want to get on the bad side of a Pit Bull . . . you’ll live to regret it.

Pit Bulls Are the Best!

Their ability to be aggressive only speaks to how friendly, loyal and loving they are.  Pit Bulls acknowledge their purpose within the family unit because of their keen intelligence and acuity.  When given all they need to be happy, they reciprocate that happiness with boisterous zeal.

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