Will Using Kratom Help To Cure Migraines Effectively?


With the increase in technological advancements and the rapid pace at which the world functions, people sometimes get lost in the race. From looking for newer coping mechanisms to trying to take a day’s break, we have seemingly tried everything to help us stay sane. Serotonin, the pivotal hormone that helps stabilize or “dictate” our mood, sometimes needs a little assistance from the outside. This hormone also has several other essential roles. Researchers believe that imbalances in this hormone may lead to migraine attacks. Anyone who has suffered from a migraine attack knows how painful it is.

So, when we set out to find a one-stop solution for our stress, anxiety, fatigue, and pain, especially one from migraine attacks, we landed on the kratom fields of Southeast Asia. Kratom, an age-old herb, has served many roles in these regions. Now with globalization, it has burst onto the global scene as well. For all, you migraine sufferers out there, or the people looking for solutions for your loved ones, look no further. Let us look at which kratom is best for pain relief!

What is Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a Southeast Asian plant of the coffee family. It comes from nations like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar. Kratom leaves or leaf extracts can function as sedatives or stimulants. It has numerous consequences and might be helpful for you in various ways. It has proven itself against pain, sleep irregularities, and digestive issues. When you consume it in smaller amounts, kratom is said to behave as a stimulant, and users usually experience a sense of higher energy, calmness, and awareness. However, higher doses allowed kratom to work as a sedative, numbing sensations and to relax your mind.

Now we understand what kratom is and how it works. Let us now see who should go for this substance. Although it is very versatile and might help people with various issues, it does have a few specialties. Few people have wondered about its effects on migraine and if it can prove beneficial for people who suffer from this condition.

What are Migraines?

Migraines can cause an intensely painful sensation, generally on one side of the head. A few accompanying symptoms are vomiting, nausea, constipation, neck stiffness, heightened sensitivity to light and sound. When a migraine attack comes, you may feel a throbbing pain in your head. These attacks can last for a few hours or even a few days. Migraines are severely painful and may interfere with your daily chores.

A person may suffer from migraine attacks of varying intensities. Sometimes, migraine attacks are so strong and enfeebling that they leave you unable to do any work. Hence, migraine attacks can have painful impacts on the patients’ daily lives. Imagine these attacks lasting days! A few migraine triggers are alcoholic or caffeine-rich drinks, stress, weather changes, hormonal activities (especially in women), physical factors, specific food items, etc.

To help ease the symptoms of these kinds of attacks, many turn towards prescription drugs. Sometimes, the effects are so severe and haunting that patients spiral into a world of considerably harsh medication. These medicines can have a negative impact on the body of the user. But luckily for us, we may just have found the perfect organic substitute!

Will Using Kratom Help To Cure Migraines Effectively? 1

Popular methods of treating Migraines

As discussed earlier, medicines are a popular choice to ease the symptoms of migraines. As migraines are yet to be fully understood, there are no sure-shot ways of curing them. We can only try a few options to ease the pain and alleviate the symptoms. 

Some of these options include staying in a dark room to counter the increased sensitivity to light, using ice packs, stress management, weight loss (in the case of excessively obese individuals), hormone therapy, etc.

Will Using Kratom Help To Cure Migraines Effectively? 2

Can kratom help against Migraines?

Kratom has a few well-known effects that can support its cause. Whether kratom is as good as prescribed medicine is still unknown, but it has a few promising signs. Firstly, kratom is known to be an excellent pain-reliever. Many around the globe use it as a remedy for chronic pain. Hence, it is understandable why people think it might prove effective against migraine. Many people who suffer from migraine have even reported that kratom helped reduce or eliminate migraine pain. As we discussed, migraine can be very draining due to the immense pain. It is another area where kratom excels. A few kratom strains are known to boost energy levels naturally. Hence, kratom may help you throughout the day when you suffer from your next migraine attack.

However, do keep in mind that kratom is very dose and strain-dependent. Let us look at our options when trying kratom for migraine.

Best Kratom Strains for Migraines?

The most well-known kratom strains are the white, green, and red strains. A general rule is that the white variants provide a stimulating effect. In other words, they are for the tiring mornings when getting out of bed seems like a battle due to the migraine pain. These white vein variants have caffeine-like effects and may be helpful.

However, when things get out of control and your head feels like it’s about to burst open, it’s time for code red! The red kratom strains are on the extreme sedative side of the stimulant-sedative kratom scale. They lighten your soul and head, in this case, to make your day more bearable. Because of their high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, they work as excellent pain-relievers. Apart from the relaxing effects of red kratom strains, you may also benefit from the sleep it induces. It is because sleeping with migraine pain is easier said than done. So, try looking for some red Bali or red Maeng Da kratom the next time your migraine attacks get one upon you.


Kratom’s popularity has plunged ten folds in recent years. Many people globally have felt a positive impact and have recommended the product for others to try. As a versatile substance, its effects range from lifting your mood to fighting pain! However, with more popularity and demand came more controversy and scrutiny. With more awareness and studies, it may become a truly exceptional ally. As of now, some love borneo kratom and swear by it, while some are too afraid to try it. With time and more reassurance by research, this confusion may change. Currently, kratom is even banned in a few states, while there are no such laws in others. Before buying kratom, make sure that you have your fair share of research and that you know the kratom-related rules in your area. Additionally, seek help from a medical professional to know better about its effects on your body.

Stress, pain, anxiety might all become history for you after a few doses of kratom. Although there’s still uncertainty about exactly how good kratom can be for migraine patients, it certainly has a few promising effects. Whether these effects will be helpful for migraine patients, only time will tell.

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